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sciaticia in leg and foot

Started by sundancer on 06/28/2010 3:23am

In the middle of April I had pain on side of lower leg. Went to ER. Thought it might be blood clot so did an ultra sound. It wasn't. They told me I had pulled a muscle. A week later I had to go back as pain was worse and there was some rash from buttock to ankle. They said it was shingles and gave me shingles meds. Two times after that , during the night, I had to go to ER because the pain was so bad on outside of lower leg I couldn't stand it.They gave me narcotic pain pills. When I got in to see my Dr. he asked who told me I had shingles. I said hospital. He said he had never seen shingles like that and it wasn't shingles rash. He asked when I had last MRI on back. About 2 years ago. So I had another one done. They are not sure of what it shows, but I have an appt with neurosurgeon next week. But oh the problems I am having. I have the drop foot. Can't move toes, raise or lower foot or turn foot side to side. Last week in the house I didn't raise my foot enough and stubbed toes on carpet and fell. Foot is black and swollen so much I can't wear shoe. I had x-ray and nothing is broken. Also it feels like there is a band around the ankle and it is pulled as tight as possible. It leaves a wide white place and how it hurts. Also have the same thing between the first 2 toes. Is all of this normal sciaticia symptoms?

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I don't have any real answers for you but definitely commiserate with you. I am currently experiencing the same issues, ie: diagnosed with shingles but no blisters, shingles meds don't do anything, etc. My pain and lesions are in my lumbar sacral region and since my husband is a FP physician he too thought it was shingles at first. I have been dealing with this excruciating pain for over two months. The one item that my doc gave me that helps with the skin tenderness is lidocaine ointment but it is just a comfort thing. Ice packs, heating pad and VERY gentle stretching exercises, combined with Naproxen, Lortabs and muscle relaxers help in various ways. I spend the majority of my time in bed, ice packs at the ready, with knees supported by pillows and try not to bend over, squat, stand for more than thirty minutes at a time, etc. The bright red, puffy lesion is about 3" x 5" and is exquisitely tender and warm to the touch. I have to say that since I have been dealing with previous foot drop, nerve damage and previous microdiscectomy for over 8 years now, my ice packs and heating pad are my best friends. Gentle stretching and staying as active as you can while managing your pain are CRUCIAL! I tend to over-do it on my good days and pay for it later so really try to be mindful of your activity and motions that inflame your problem. I would like to hear what the update is on your relief since you posted this comment. Taking an anti-inflammatory (whichever one works best for you) is very important since my hubbie says that nerve inflammation is at the root of this problem. I used to take a medication called Gabapentin or Neurontin for my nerve pain but it has since become too hard on my stomach and I am unable to take it anymore. If you talk to your doctor about it just know that it does not take the pain away and is NOT a pain reliever. It depresses the nerve response and actually increases the nerve-pain threshold for the user. I have bottles and bottles of this medication for anyone who would like some-but ONLY if they have been prescribed the medication. The medicine IS expensive but it is not doing me any good anymore since my tummy can't tolerate it. Anyone interested can send me a request for info. Haven't found a website where people can trade meds, etc. but it sure would be a good idea.
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