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Pain meds after surgery?

Started by Sam227 on 06/26/2010 10:51pm

I'm having a Laminectomy and fusion July 22. Just wondering what pain meds I will be on after surgery? I know everyone's different. Now I'm on OxyContin 60s twice a day oxycodone fifteenths six times a day and Mobic twice a day. My pharmacist said there will not be that much of a change in meds is that true? It seems like I'm going to be in a lot more pain but maybe I really won't be. I hope they don't put me on morphine again. I didn't like that at all. I cannot remember anything on morphine. But if the pain is super severe maybe it would be best not to remember! Please let me know what was prescribed to you or your friends. Thanks again, Sam

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Hello again, Sam, I had spinal fusion surgery in April 2010 and thank God, so far,so good.. Your post op pain meds will depend upon what type of procedure is performed. I was given a variety of pain killers by pump or IV like Dilaudid, Fentynel,Demerol and anti spasm drugs for about 3 days postop. Then I was switched to OxyConton and anti spasmotics by mouth . With these combos I didn't feel a lot of pain. The day after surgery the searing pain going down the leg was gone. They got me up walking with a walker that day. By day 4 I was walking up stairs. The faster you get off the pain meds and antispam meds the better. They retard you from moving around and moving around is the key to a speedy recovery. I took myself off the pain meds and began feeling better immediately.
The physical therapist explained that the blood supply to the back isn't the greatest so walking and
movement gets the oxygenated blood circulating into the back.. Eat a diet rich in protein,calcium and iron lots of fresh fruits and veggies instead of junk food, and high fat foods. Don't waste calories on booze.For God's sake DON'T SMOKE. It robs the blood of healing oxygen. You have to take total responsibility for your recovery. Develop the habit of doing the physical therapy exercises daily to strengthen your core and leg muscles since you can't use your back anymore. Spinal surgery is not a quick cure. If you don't take the best care of yourself you can, you could be back to square one needing more surgery. Good Luck!


I just had the Laminectomy and had to ask for pain pills. I was on 10mg oxycodone. I did not really like them then when I asked for Vicoden he gave me 5/500. The surgeon seemed to think I did not need them. Finally another doctor gave me 10/325 vicodin. 4 a day and that helps me. I think you are having a more extensive procedure than me.


Happy Thanksgiving to all you kind people