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Where do i Start

Started by jamjammer53150 on 06/21/2010 12:33pm

20 ishyrs ago I had an accident, which after the surgery ,left my left leg withno latereal ability , basically the majority ofmy glutius was removed . 2 yrs ofPT and against most bets I could walk and leada pretty normal life. Fast forward 20 yrs and 1oo lbs and welcome to middleage.

I have had back pain pretty much thelast20 years , and recently was taking vicodin for it , untill I got to 6 a day , then I asked my dr where this was going.Soihad a MRI that said somtng to the effect ofa buldged disc. I wasrefered to a pain managment place where they did the injection 3 times . However with the injections I started to get more weird stuff . I had always had a numb ball in my foot , occasionally nail like pains , but they all got worse.

So now 1/2 my calf is always numb , most times it feelslike my toe knuckles are broken ,and I constantly trip over invisable stuff. My pain Dr said a surgeon would need to fix it.SoI went there , and he ordered cat scans , and some PT. The PT pretty much made it worse and now i need wait months till i see him again.

Is this normal , What is probally wrong , and is it fixable. It has been pretty asof late since I was Bad ant took my meds to fast ,so now allmy DR gave me is tylonol 3's which is better than nothing , but barley survivable .
It is just frustrating not knowing where this is going .


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