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Recovery from an emergency disc herniation microscopic operation

Started by jonsandalls on 06/14/2010 5:15am

I am a 39 year old male, working in formula one.
After an incident at the begining of the season where I got hit in the back by a high pressure airline, which caused lacerations , swelling and bruising. I started to get back ache, which I ignored with pain relief, just thinking that it was muscular pain.
3 months later, whilst in Turkey, still getting pain in my back, whilst working in the garage I collapsed in unbelievable pain. I had a massive disc herniation, I was taken for an MRI scan and operated on for the removal of a herniated disc inbetween L4 and L5
I hospitalised for 5 days then stayed in a hotel for 2 days before being cleared to fly home to the UK.
I have rested for the last week
I find myself walking , with a condition you call 'drop foot' . Are these symptoms temporary? Is there any treatment ?
What sort of recovery time am I going to be looking at ?
Are there going to be any re-occuring problems?
Is the incident at the beginning of the season the cause of the herniation ?
Am I likely to fully recover ?
Would love to here from anybody else that has had the same problems

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I hear you! Been through a microscopic diskectomy in 2003 and was painfree for 7 tears. Three weeks back it started again and I have another herniation at the same spot and am trying to avoid surgery this time.

Looks like you are responding well to the surgery. Remember your muscles have been cut at the back , it takes time to heal. Secondly your nerve might still be irritated due to what it went through. They take a lot more time to heal.

Do NOT (I repeat NOT) sit, for at least 2-3 weeks ;be in best rest and walk with small stable steps as much as you can (don't over do it). All I did was slept and walked like a mile every day for 3-4 weeks. This is the most important phase of recovery.

Stay well, all the best.


You need to rest more. Only thing that we advise our patients is walking and walking. You should avoid sitting and sit only 1-2 times a day for few minutes. It has been proved that temporary sitting helps the patients and disables creation of adhesions.

Foot drop usually goes away, especially because your problems were not long-term.

When you recover, you need to be very careful trough your whole life.

All best,
Roberto Posavec - patient adviser and advocate


Thanks for your response.
I have today seen the company doctor, Dr Aki Hintsa, and have been walking and swimming in the pool. He is a little concerned with the symptoms on the right leg and is sorting out another MRI scan and is suggesting another operation is on the cards!!!
He is suggesting a recovery for the Belgium GP, the end of august , I don't know if he is saying that for motivational purposes or if it is a realistic target?
Thanks again for your response
I will keep you informed of any outcome
Cheers Jon