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Just had my second back surgery (removed only the buldge part of the disc) now what?

Started by seattle2dallas2 on 06/11/2010 1:52am

I am 28 years old and have already had to have to minor back surgeries done. I was rear ended and had a 7mm buldge which after many months of chiropractic work and several steriodal injections completed with no help I had to get this surgery to remove only the buldge and I also had no insurance and the women's insurance who hit me still has to pay me back for both procedures. So after the first buldge removal I felt immediate pain relief. The pain was so bad before I had to live on hydrocordone (which worked wonderfuly) but after a few months the pain started to get worse and worse and worse to the point of my original pain point. So I went back to the same doc and sure as heck I had another M.R.I and the disc rebuldged. So again after paying for the second surgery I feel better yes, however my leg is still twitching on it's own and I now have pain in my hips that I never had as well as small amounts of pain in my lower back and ciatica all over again but as I mentioned the pain is not as bad. I am scared and concerned about what to expect for my future, has any one else had the same kind of surgery I have had and as many of them? Doc says the only thing they can do after two of these kinds of surgery is spinal fusion and I resufe to ever try that. Turns out I also have disc degeneration so I have all types of fears for my future. The best part is now I have $100,000 in outstanding medical bills that were covered by my lawyers firm in which I am hoping the women's insurance who hit me will pay those out. If not I am in all kinds of trouble. So...... any stories out there of people like me? Any one know of foods that can promote disc stability or growth? Ideas on natural pain medication other than pot.lol I am scared but I keep a good attitude as I have been told that a good attitude can make for a better life overall. Thank you for any advice. I will keep all of you who have back pain in my prayers.

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I can't relate on the surgery part, but can on the pain and degeneration. I think I heard that 99% of people on this earth with develope disc degeneration sometime in their life. I was told by my dear old mommy that it runs in the family big time and that it means that I'm getting old. Thanks mom!

As far as this woman's insurance...they are gonna want to settle at some point. You might wanna talk to your lawyers about future surgeries you may just quite possibly have to have. I would make it a point to have them cover you further down the line or if you have to settle, make sure it is enough for you to live on and pay for future doctors, pain management, mris, and surgeries. You don't know if there will come a day where you can't work anymore and you are gonna need that money to live on.
I settled on an auto insurance claim too early and had problems afterwards. I was lucky to a point on that one because it was my knee that was hurt and my back was fine back then. You won't be money grubbing, you'd be planning for the future.

I pray the best for you! Take care!