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Pedicle Screw/ Nerve Pain/6 weeks post op fusion

Started by Laos99 on 06/09/2010 11:52pm

I had a spinal fusion l5-s1 on April 30, 2010. I wome up and my big/ second toes were numb. Wen I got home my right leg would have a deep dull pain all the way down trough the calf when I was standing or sitting. As time progressed I began to have severe burning/ itching in my foot into my ankle and tremors and numbness. I went to drs and told him I wanted a ct scan for peace of mind because he swears that my nerve is just misfiring. I think he's wrong because it's getting worse instead of better. The ct scan came back showing that the pedicle screw has gone through the bone at l5-s1 level and also a bone fragment is at the neural foramen opening at same level. He stated that neite of these 2 things are causing the pain. This was after he told me the films looked nice and clear and I asked him about the screw and frragment. Am I crazy to think that these 2 objects are causing the problem?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated? Also I'm in the Philadelphia area and need a second opinion so if any one has a good surgeon they can recommend...

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Laos99, I don't think you are crazy at all, but you may have a few screws loose! Seriously, I have been too busy to pay much attention to all the problems I have been ignoring since I had four cervical fusions (C6-T1 the Neck) in 2005. I felt I had more symptoms,loud popping when I tried to turn my head, painful numbness and paralisis in both hands, and less mobility then if I had skipped the surgery and ignored the Neurosurgeon's recommendation to rush 100 miles South to Miami to have my neck stabalized immediately , urgently! He didn't want to do the surgery locally, and preferred I go to a" larger" hospital, & too serious, no time to get second opinions & so I got the surgery at Miami's finest. I don't want to discourage you, and wine about the results I have been trying to live with, however, I have been complaining to my Primary and Pain Mgmt. Physicians, Neurologists who were doing EMG's lately on lower back problems, reviewing the newest total spine MRI's since '05 surgery,- I was convinced something didn't feel right., it didn't then, and it hasn't changed in five years except I move less and suffer more pain & Only by accident, I found out that the local neurosugeon "concurred with" the radiologist's opinion about two unidentified objects which showed up in my shoulder areas, which I assume to be screws or part of the material used attempting to fuse these areas, I do understand that only one side of my neck was stabalized and although I have been unable to get clear answers about the dialog between these two doctors for my clarification, it sounds like (to my lay ears) they refer to surgery as falling apart, or not being successful in the first place, news I would have liked to be included in the group discussion. Frankly, I am so angry with my local doctors, it seems it will be up to me to make a nusance of myself, enough, that I can get some one to clearly define the termanology, and even the simple question, "why a larger hospital" i.e. what does the size of a hospital have in my case, to do with where I should have my surgeries, that one, and the most recent one ordered for the lumbar area. Interestingly enough, the same neurosurgeon up here, doesnt' want to do my surgery in lumbar area either. I am sure the man performs surgery on some patients, he is known as one of the top in Stuart, but except for bigger hospitals, I can't get any medical sounding reasoning regarding the doctor's preference to send me to Miami everytime. I don't speak Spanish? Don't let your doctors intimidate you either. I feel so stupid because this is a subject I really don't know much about and clearly, would prefer to forget the entire subject matter however, I just signed up with SpineUniverse, and it now seems easier to access a great deal of the info I just didn't have time to seek before, so now, I have no excuse & plan to get the answers I need - now, five years later, I can barely use either arm, I am in excruciating pain, and I am going to do my best to solve some of the mysteries: I have two severed rotator cuff muscles and require left and right shoulder replacement surgery, does this have anything to do with the earlier surgery? Or is this something totally not related? My whole upper body is nearly frozen because it is so painful to use my arms, or move my neck, and shoulders, I hope to pursue the answers around this site, since I haven't been getting anywhere locally. Good luck to you, and I hope I haven't discouraged you! Leslie of Stuart, Fl.