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Posted in: Back pain, Chronic pain, and Sciatica.

Pain in both shoulders and both legs

Started by wigout111 on 06/06/2010 1:19am

My leg pain went from pain to severe in feb of this year. I have always had pain since my L2-L5 spinal fusion in 2005. My surgery was a failure. No fusion. Doc's think that maybe I have nerve issues. Anyway about a 2 months ago my shoulders started to give me some problems. Morning are the worse, I have to crawl out of bed. Pain level is about 9. Doctors are stunned on what to do with me. I'm also losing muscle mass and weigh loss. I am just so frustrated. Back pain has been there since 2000. Now I have these other issues to deal with. I'm just so tried of being in pain and doctors not doing anything for me.
Is is possible that my back is causing all of this pain??
What can I do about the weight loss and muscle loss?
In 2005 I weighed 185lbs. Today I weigh 159Lb. That's alot of lbs to lose. I eat very good.
Does medication have a part in the weight and muscle loss

Need some help or suggestion PLEASE


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