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MRI results for my 66 years old mother

Started by daughter on 05/19/2010 2:57pm

I am a concern daughter of a 66 years old mother. She suffered an accident at her job in 2007. Since than my mother has not been the same. The MRI results states the following:

1. L4-L5, 1mm bulge. otherwis unremarkable.
2. L5/S1 thre was desiccation. A 3-mm protrusin with annular tear. Latral disc osteophyte comex caused severe right foraminal narrowing compromising the right exiting nerve root. There was moderate narrowing on the left.

One Doctor suggested for posterior lumbar interbody fusion surgery at L5-S1. Other doctors have disagree and stated because of my mothers age she would not benefit for the surgery. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone with similar experiences. I also would appreciate the feed back of specialist in this field of work. Thank you so much.

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All I can say is READ. There is soo much info on this site and from the experiences of the community. Use this board, read and read and read. Your mother's diagnosis sounds all too familiar around here, so don't go jumping for surgery just because of one doctor. There are alot of people in here who will tell you about their surgeries and the failures, and there may just be one or two who have had successful outcomes. I used to be "gung ho surgery is gonna fix me", but after many years of pain and more pain, I'm still on the pain management band wagon. In my opinion, you need to find a damn good pain management specialist in your area that will actually talk to you and your mom about what those two MRI results mean.

Keep us informed!



Her MRI sounds very similar to mine at age 30. I had a discectomy done-as the protrusion of the disc L 5S1 was so bad I was suffering left side paralyzation. Do not let them do fusion surgery. Find a Dr that specializes in removing only the portion of disc protruding, or one that does more advanced disc replacement. Fusion should only be used last resort. 66 is not that old- don't let them give you that excuse to get an easy fix.


I would suggest that your Mom see both an Orthopedic Surgeon and a Neurosurgeon. The Orthopedic guys told me the couldn't help me but the Neurosurgeon did help me. I did every sort of therapy prior to opting for surgery and I finally have no pain in my left leg after 4 long years. I am still in recovery from a secpond surgery though. I would also suggest checking the Harvard Medicine website and perhaps the Cleveland clinic site. My Mom had occlusions between L4 and L5 and was going to have surgery without any of us 3 kids there. I flew to Boston to be there and within 1 month, she was walking 2 miles a day. She had a great Doc and he did my surgery and finally got my back fixed. Good Luck!


I am 66 years old. I would stay away from surgery if at all possible. I have had 4 major surgeries and each time more problems. God Bless such a careing daughter you are. My daughter thinks I just need to excersie more. On the other hand my oldest daughter is very conserned and is sending me a Wi so I can start on a low resistant excersie program. I hope all is well with your Mom all ways, Pat