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I am Interested to know if anyone who has/had thoracic - in particular T7/8 level conditions

Started by Pinkcloud on 05/16/2010 6:46am

Hi, newbie here. Recently had thoracic disc surgery, as disc at t7/8 was squashing my spinal cord on one side. Disc bulge removed and I have calcification around the spinal cord. I t was done thorough my back, removng some of the 8th rib, which am told is a rare operation. Went very well as far as I am aware on my lay-mens level, that is it was predicted I wouldnt be able to walk and loose bowel and bladder function. And I am grateful just for this.

With help of my physio I am walking 'in a fashion' and although cant feel when to go toilet - I do, just pain signals tell me when to go rather than any 'feelings'. I am still in a lot of pain and have, what I am guessing, are weird neurological type symptoms.

I remain positive and to understand whats going on will help me live with these pains/neurological type symptoms - espeically with inspiration from others. I believe that I am also an inspiration to help others too.

My GP left me undiagnosed for two years and it was only be going to see a fantastic orthopaedic surgeon did I get an urgent MRI scan and the problem was found. I see a lot of lumbar and cervical conditions on this site but not any thoracic. Cheers in advance for anyone who can offer insight and support via these pages.

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I was in a horrible accident almost 3 years ago amongst others things had a crushed (burst fractures) t-6 and t-8 as well as many other vertebral fractures (c-1,3 & 5) along the spiny processes. Although I do not and did not have bulging discs I do have neuro changes from the compression of the fractured (now healed) thoracic vertebrae on the discs. I take neurotin to help with the severe nerve pain in my rib area. I tried different narcotics during the first year, but found they did not give me the relief from the nerve pain. I have found that no matter my level of pain, I MUST continue to exercise or I become very stiff and rigid. I have also been doing therapeutic yoga (Iyengar Yoga) with a private instructor at a Physical Therapy studio. This really has been very helpful to relief some of the pressure on my spine. Swimming or just walking in a pool also has helped. Every day is a struggle, but I keep on plodding away and try to remain positive that it "could have been so much worse"!! I am grateful that I did not end up in a wheelchair. You are early in your recovery so DO NOT give up hope as you will continue to recover during the next year. Best of luck to you....


I have completely blown up T8chipped T7 fractured T9 and most recently one up from T9 Because of my other medical problems surgery is not an option at this time. But some of the problems they say that prevent me from being a good canidate started when i broke my back,,,breathing problems,my ribs feel as though they are compressing everything.I kept asking my docs what was up with my ribs and they looked at me as though i was from another planet,i also had the right side of my diaphram paralyze and it isnt going away ,,,docs dont have clue about that either,if anyone can provide some insight into these problems or share your experience thanks