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MRI Advice and Help

Started by MrT on 05/11/2010 4:37am


Please follow the 2 following links for images of my MRI


For the past 16 months I've had problems with my back, being lower back pain, what seems like tight hamstrings and intermittent big toe pain... all which take place down my right side. This all started when I slipped down the stairs jolting my back, however I didn't actually fall - just slipped on the stairs steps. After paying for a private MRI, the results camse back clear. However my Osteopath has suggested that I have spondylolisthesis (he thinks).

I can have weeks being mainly pain free and stretch out the hamstrings morning and night, but then can easily injure my back for hardly any apparent reason which sets me back weeks again.

Comments would be welcome.

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Has your doc sent you for a CT scan? I think that is how they are best able to diagnose a spondylolisthesis. I was just diagnosed, and first had x-rays, then an MRI then the doc said he needed a CT, the MRI shows only soft tissue, and the CT shows the bones. I would maybe check in with another doc if these suggestions haven't been made and he still only thinks he has a diagnosis.


Hi Mr.T, I just wanted to send you this... www.adriaanliebenberg mri terminology. This will translate everything on your MRI. It explains everything,condition etc... I have arachnoiditis and after I read everything on my MRI , I found out I had alot more wrong with me. I have numbness in my lrft leg and foot. I get some tingling and pain in my toes. Hope that site helps you get some answers. Regards, Jan


I had a mri and an exray, both successfully shoed my grade 2 spondylolisthesis. I would be for taking my mri results to a neurologist or neurosurgeon to get an accurate reading of what exactly it says!!


Hi MrT,

I am not radiologist or surgeon, but I don't see any spondilolistesis in your spine. The discs look pretty fine. The thing is that your low-back pain can be causes by different sources, for example facets.