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Constant pain

Started by pat7746 on 04/21/2010 4:49am

Several years ago I had titanium rods used in my back surgery and have been in constant pain which is getting worse. I've tried several pain medications and even 8 mg dilaudid does nothing for me. Even the morphine I had in the hospital during another kind of surgery didn't help. Morphine actually does nothing for me and even upon coming out of anesthesia, they had to follow 2 morphine shots with one of dilaudid.
They have checked the rods and can see nothing wrong.
I have spoken to a few people recently that said they had the rods removed and almost all of the pain is gone that they had.
Last year while on vacation, I found out from a doctor that if it were him, He'd have them removed even if nothing wrong showed on the x-rays.
I can't stand up straight and I can only sleep(?) on my left side. I awaken about every 2 hours and have to sit up for at least an hour to be able to lay back down and try to go back to sleep.
Has anyone had problems with these rods and if so did you have them removed and did the pain subside?

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I have a has broken rod, which is viewed as 2 rods. I am having increasing pain as well. I am scheduled to see the pain management doctor on Wednesday to discussion some other pain mgmt. options. I have not known anyone who had there rods removed and they have documented how it has been.


Oh Lord! I'm due to have the same operation soon and this worries me so much!

Please if anyone has had good results answer too as all I can see on the web is negative messages.

Hope things improve for you Pat - what is the cause of the pain...has anyone said?


I had the rods removed but I'm still in a lot of pain. I have trouble standing straight. The pain is accross my back at the level of my tail bone.
I just don't know what to do next.


As a nurse and fellow spine sufferer.I suggest,especially Pat cause of the days of ur postings and if u havnt i Highly reccpmmend u see ur neurosurgeons immedialtly and reuests MRIs ,wich should have been done immediatly removal of rods after healing. I wish u all well and good health.AND YES THE PAIN SUCKS, NOMATTER WHAT WE ALL HAVE AS DIAGNOSIS WE ALL HAVE SAME PAIN.(what a life weve been delt ?but psychotherapy,and their roght, we will go on look at those with cancers............just stinks pain can infringr on ones life so much,thats why we all need to stay mentally strong...........again,stay well and good luck to all. RENE :)


Well, this post is REALLY old, and I'm sure no one will see my reply here, but I came across this while trying to do research to find out why, with titanium rods in my back, I am now SO bent over and in SO much pain and can ONLY sleep on my left side! Sound familiar Pat? This is CRAZY...I can't live like this anymore...I am 42 years old and live the life of a 90 year old...My back doctor, although I love him dearly, does nothing for me anymore, other than write narcotic scripts..He just says I don't know why, I don't understand it...I had my surgery in 2006, and within 3 months we knew it was a "failed surgery" due to the amount of pain I still had/have, but I was upright until a year ago, and now look like I'm bent almost in half at my waist...How can you be bent over with titanium rods in place? I just do NOT understand and quite frankly, it is depressing as he** to live like this...I have a GREAT husband, 3 wonderful children, and 2 amazing grandsons, and I can hardly participate in anything with them..my oldest just moved into an apartment on the 3rd floor, and I'll never even be able to see her place because there is NO way I can climb the stairs! My husband is totally an outdoorsy type of guy, and now I feel like I am completely holding him back because he won't do these things without me...my grandsons always have to "be careful, don't hurt gramma's back!" It just isn't fair, to not just me, but everyone, and I REALLY need to find some answers!! Please, if ANYONE with any type of answers sees this, PLEASE let me know what you think!


Hope you all are having a great day!