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Pain pump question

Started by scottL on 04/13/2010 12:11pm

Has anyone had one of these implanted? Did it help/worsen? How was the procedure? I am curious since I don't know what the outcome will be and I'm sick of patches and pills, My pain Dr mentioned one of these. Thanks in advance.

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I have not yet received the trial for the pain pump. I am going to get the trial on 4/26. I will post again after i get one. I have severe chronic pain due to a spinal cord tumor I had in 1988. My doctor says this pain pump is the best option for me.

Again, I'll post again after the trial.

Good Luck!



Thanks Pam.


ScottL, your story is the exactly my story. I have had neck (C5-C6)surgery in 2002 and remain to have pain from that,then had a stem implant in 2004 and two years latter had it removed. In 2008 I had a fusion (L5-S1) and with that I had a regiment injections and Meds to calm down the hip and leg pain and nothing seems to help, I am doing the walking and exercise program again this makes the 7th time and have been told now I have Sjogren's Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and get trigger point injections.So I too wonder if the Pump will help?


I sure hope the pain pump helps! I'm going to see a pain specialist on Tuesday. he's in the same group as my neurosurgeon. My neurosurgeon wants to see if the pain doctor thinks the pump is appropriate for my condition. I kind of like this "team" approach, as my original neurosurgeon is in the office also, So I have 3 on my team! Finally, a ray of hope amid the gloom!! I can't wait to try this. I am in constant nerve pain all of the time now. So if this takes away 30% then so be it! It's better than nothing, right?

Anyway, will post again when I do the trial.

It feels really good to have a place to go and vent - besides a loved one; they get enough crap already!


Hi Scott
I don't know if you have the Pain Pump by now but I just had the Pain Pump surgery on 12-23-2010. It's helping me, I have 4 Fusions in my neck and 2 in my Lumbar. I also have a messed up Leg from a Deer Broadsiding me on my Harley. Didn't lay the Bike down but messed up some Ligaments in my left Knee and Ankle. I am still in the adjustment stage and it seems like it is taking it forever but I Can Tell A Difference. I'm hopeing when they finally get to the point where I am getting enough Morphine that I won't have to take Narcotics. You can expect some really powerful headaches at first butthey dissappear when you lay down. I am still on Narcotics but I am doing more right now than I have in 3 yrs, The Stimulator hasn't worked for Anyone I have been in contact with that has had them, I always hear they make you itch like crazy and don't help the pain, I wish I was further along so you would have more of a long term outlook but mine is Helping. Can't wait till I get up a little higher on the dose. They have to bring it up really slow, It is a God send to me I will say.
Hope that helps you or someone else