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severe back and leg pain

Started by brandy828 on 04/11/2010 11:51am

I am 32 y/o and married with 2 small children. My back pain began jus a year ago. 2 months ago I was told I had DDD with herniated disc and began the series of cortizone shots. I jus had my 2nd shot less than 2 weeks ago. I have spent the last 2 days in pain to the point of screaming at times and using a walker for mobility. It begins in my lower back and travels down my left leg regularly. It seems as though the 2nd injection just made things worse. Is this possible?! I have no health insurance as my husband and I both are laid off. Where do I go now?

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I feel ur pain, radiculoptathy is no walk in the park!! Have u tried applying for medicaid since you and ur husband are laid off? I wish u the best hun, keep me posted:)


I am somewhat in the same physical condition as you are Brandy. However I do have insurance. May I suggest a few things I had to do to help with the pain, assuming we are both suffering the same pain(s).
If it is nerve pain ask your Doctor about meds for this. I was first given Neurontin. It is a generic and is not to costly. It took 9 days to work up to what he wanted for me. 300mg once x 3 days,then twice x 3 days then 3 times x 3 days. It DID help with the nerve pain. But I stayed sleepy (one of the side effects) I knew that I could not work (I drive as part of my job) and continue to take this Rx as well as the others I had for pain and spasm.
I talked to my Doctor about this side effect and he recommended Lyrica. This so far has made me less sleepy. But, the cost is about $2.50 per capsule. No generic available
The thing to do to help cut cost is to ask you Doctor for samples. I have found that unless you ask you will never know. Samples are there if the drug companies leave them. Ask, Ask, Ask.
Check drug co. web sites for info on coupons and assistance. Lyrica can be given free if one qualifies.
For general med prices go to Costso.com and they list prices, etc. I have learned that one does not have to be a member of a wholesale club to get meds filled. Federal law makes the pharmacy open to anyone with a prescription. However, that is ALL you can purchase there. Call Costco or Sams Club to verify.
I hope this helps. I have had 2 months or agony. I am due to see a surgeon next week. He will advise me of my next option.
Brandy, I am NOT A DOC but it seems as if I am experiencing some of the same type of pain. The nerve(s) is now the main problem as to where the shots have helped the back and muscle??? Meds assisted nerve pain but I still have, just not as severe. Also experience numbness. Was told it was not circulation,that checked fine, but part of nerve condition as well.
Hope that some of the info I gave you helps. Act soon on additional meds because they take time to get into your system and begin to help


In regards to Lyrica, it will help with the nerve pain and yes, it is costly, but you can go to the pfizer web site and sign up for connection to care program. As you both are laid off, you more than likely will qualify for free scripts through pfizer. I have been on the program for 4 yrs now and it is great. You only have to sign up, fill out the special Lyrica form, get the doctor to fill out his part and write a script for the Lyrica and in about 3 weeks or so you should get your script sent directly to your hope through Fed Ex Express. Only bad part is that they now require a signature when delivering it. I get a three months supply (4 bottles) at a time and when I'm down to my third bottle, I order using the 800 # on the bottle. Refills only take maybe a week, which has changed from the 2-3 weeks it used to take.

I hope this works for you! I have the same nerve problems and the Lyrica does work great and the side effects don't take long to get used to.