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lower back horrible electrical pain

Started by baba on 04/10/2010 9:24am

no back problems until 3 months ago. usually my back feels fine UNTIL i get a horrible stabbing electrical type pain in my lower back while just standing or twisting.
went to my md. gave me muscle spasm meds. didn't stop them
went to rehab and did stretching exercise. continued after rehab but no twisting types
went to chiroprator and out of 6 visits, 3 of them set off that horrible pain
per my md, now i am going for spine injections at a pain clinic.
nothing else but just those stabbing pain without any warning.
no leg numbness, no bladder or bowel problems.
i can imagine how people that have seizures feel with no warnings.
the shooting pain is on the right side of my spine where the backbone attaches to the pelvis.
I HATE THAT PAIN! as is sometimes so severe that i shout out with pain and almost fall to the ground for just a few seconds and then it is gone until next time. (1-3 times a day)
i can't choose the topics that this site indicates as i don't know what to call it.

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I think I have the same type of pain, different location. I describe it like someone ripping the flesh off of me. Have am going thru same treatments as you. Completed 3rd series of injections.
I asked and my doctor explained to me that extreme pain was caused by nerves. I did not hesitate to ask for something to help. I was initally given neurontin. Started with 300mg per day, with gradual increase to 900 mg. I was told that it WILL NOT STOP ALL OF THE PAIN, but it sure has helped a lot.
I had pains that would cause me to cry out as well. Act soon on contacting your doctor and asking if your pain is nerve related and then seeing if you can get a meds. These meds take time to get into your system (if it is what you need) They are available. ASK FOR SAMPLES.
I am not able to return to work and because of this injury. I will be having to see a surgeon next week. But days are better with these meds.


I also have had the same pains, and always described them as a shock or electrical current too. The thing is I have had scoliosis all my life and had spinal fusion surgery about 4 years ago. So I have been dealing with pain all my life, but those shocks never occurred until after my surgery. They have been so extreme that I shout out too and sometimes have no choice but to fall to the floor in pain. I have always thought they were from my surgery, but maybe not. I have told my surgeon on multiple occasions and always the same response... "Don't worry, they will go away!" I have recently been having more and more, but they aren't restricted to the same place anymore. It used to be on the right lower side, but then it started stretching down my leg and to the left side sometimes.
I wish I had more advice, but I normally do my shouting routine and then sit for a while breathing out the pain, calming my body, then stretch a bit and go on. It has gotten better the more I stretch with yoga or any sort of muscle movement. Good luck with your treatment!


Ask your doctor about Lyrica. It helps with that stabbing. It does have some side effects, but the occassional drowsiness out weighs the stabbing! Sounds like you pinched a nerve, or slipped a disc....or even something broke loose like a facet joint. Sorry, it sounds grim, but ask about Lyrica...helped me alot.