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Congenital kyphosis with posterior L1 hemivertebrae

Started by Jamie97 on 03/27/2010 7:14pm

I was born with congenital kyphosis, at 20 had anterior release T12 and L2, anterior fibular strut graft between T12 and L2, rib graft T11, and posterior fusion T9 to L2 with cd titanium hooks n rods, Iliac crest bone graft. In 2003 I injured back herniated disc. Since then I have progressivly gotton worse severe pain where rods are, and severe hip pain, and pain in sacroliliac area. Most pain is on the right side can't sit for more than 25 min without severe pain, and numbness. I cant bend, push, pull, twist, or stand for long period due to dizziness.I have been unable to do normal house hold tasks only dishes, which cant get all done at one time, cant carry laundry, or other houshold tasks, I have not been able to work for the past 2 yrs, My last job was an office job, and now I cant even do that. I have gone to chiropractor, hydro therapy, sacroliliac injection, cervical injection, unable to take narcotic med due to stomach issues, on celexa, trazadone, and just started ryzolt, 100 for 2 wks no relief, now started ryzolt 200mg. Dr. said have osteoarthritis, kyphosis, had bone scan wi radioactive dye, results non specific, what does that mean?, increased dye in thorasic, lumbar area, had mri, nothing specific, not sure. should I have my dr send me for nerve testing?, Ortho surgeon said cant due surgery might end up worse off, cant help inprove quality of life. Please help dont know what else to do I never get any straight answers. Applied for social sec disablilty was denied, obtained lawyer go for hearing soon, What are my chances of winning.

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