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Vitamin supplement to prepare and recover from back or neck sugery?

Started by westy123 on 03/10/2010 4:19pm

Many pateints ask if there is a role for pre-surgery and post-surgery vitamin supplements to support best recovery after back or neck surgery. There is absolutely a role. There is abundant medical literature showing more rapid and higher quality healing and outcomes in those with ideal vitamin & mineral intake, and decreased complications in a broad range of surigical patients. The problem is that regular daily viamins do NOT have the right amounts or combinations of nutrients, and trying to purchase and coordinate the 10-15 individual supplements most needed is a logistical and financial nightmare for nearly all patients.
Fortunately, there are a very small handful of dedicated surgical recovery micronutrient products available, though the best I've seen so far is SurgiPlex MD and the SurgiKit-Bone & Joint.
This Top Doctors Choice SurgiKit has been formulated to include ideal forms and levels of the vitamins needed, but leaves out or optimally decreases the components that might be of concern (so it is safe for use during the peri-operative period). It's expensive, but in carefully reading the label and related research it is definitely top-tier for those interested in really optimizing tissue repair and recovery. The products are manufactured using processes and purity controls that are typically reserved for true pharmaceuticals...this is extremely uncommon in the supplement industry. The products and more information is available atwww.topdoctorschoice.com I talked with them on the phone and found the staff to be very helpful.
There is no substitute for a great spinal surgeon, but the SurgiKit product is certainly worth a look for any patient interested in really boosting nutritional potential for healing and recovery after a back or neck fusion procedure, spinal disc replacement, or the like.

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Years ago my husband was preparing for a shoulder surgery. We looked all over for some type of a supplementation that would prepare him for surgery, and help him heal faster. We were unable to locate anything of the sort.

It looks like I may be facing some spinal issues. I will definately be using SurgiKit in the event I do need surgery.

Congratulations to Top Doctors Choice for being committed to patients and the recovery process!