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low back pain

Started by eddie on 03/10/2010 10:36am

I have hurniation at L4,L5,S1with anular tares and leg pain and numbness they want to fuse me has any one had this and what was your out come.

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Your really want to be sure that you have exhausted all your reasonable non-surgical options before surgery...surgery will work with good predictability in the setting you outline, but you'd hate to have surgery if something less invasive might do. If your medical team has helped you through a non-operative program, and you are still stuck with severe symptoms, a spinal fusion procedure is probably now a reasonable option. Your leg pain and numbness should respond to surgery with great predictability...upwards of 90% good to excellent results. While leg pain often responds very well, back pain responds less predictably...70%, optimistically 80% predictable with respect to relief. You should expect to be much better with respect to your leg pain within a day or two after surgery, though you'll be sore from the surgery itself. Most people are back to full activity by 3 months....expect to be on your feet and walking with the physical therapists the day after surgery (if not the day of surgery). Ask your doctor to go over the expected post-op course...it will vary some depending on the exact way in which your procedure is performed. Second opinions are always useful, even if just for some additional perspective before you make a decision to have surgery.
If you are convinced that surgery is now your best option, there are definitely some other things you can do to really accelerate your recovery, and get your body ready to heal to its best. Things like good pre- and post- op nutrition can make a world of difference with all healing, to include healing of your injured nerve root. Many people ask if there is a role for a nutrition or vitamin regimen to support best recovery after neck surgery. There is absolutely a role, with abundant literature showing more rapid and higher quality healing and outcomes, and decreased complications. There are a handful or dedicated surgery recovery products available, though the best I've seen so far is SurgiKit-Bone&Joint. It's expensive, but definitely top-tier for those interested in really optimizing tissue repair and recovery. Available atwww.topdoctorschoice.com Worth a look. I'm sure you'll do great...keep asking questions a the more you know, the better you'll do!