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SI Joint - Osteophyte Growth Source of Pain?

Started by bbillett on 02/27/2010 5:30pm

After many mri, ct and xray tests - the one thing that the doctors say may or may not be causing my lower back pain is "The large bridging osteophyte at the anterior superior sactroiliac joint" shown on the ct scan. 2 specialists were not sure about it and never did surgery on that joint . After calling many orthopedic surgeons and spine specialists, I have not been able to find a doctor to talk to about this that is familiar with it. After serching the internet I found only 1 case of this reported that was resolved with surgically removing the bone spur. This was is Austrailia. Hard for me to believe I live in Chicago and can't find anyone to help me. The bone growth is on both left and right and has completely fused the hip/iliac bones to the sacrum. So instead of being 3 bones - it's like 1.

Most other tests look fairly normal. The pain is zero laying down, 2-3 after getting around before lunch. 4-6 throught the day. Sitting is not that comfortable, but good if it is bothering walking around. Ever hear anyone with a question like this or know who to talk to?

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