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Is there any Good News about Herniated Disk L5/S1 ??

Started by DebraStrong on 02/25/2010 2:35pm

Hi, I've been dealing with a herniated disk at L5/S1 for a year and a half now.
It started as horrible vibrating and pain. I've been dealing with it, mostly without pain meds, trying chiropractic care and PT and exercise. I know that I am better, but I still have some pain in my lower back, and a vibrating sensation down my leg to my foot.
I would like to hear more good outcomes, because I know that they are out there.
I need some hope. It's a long road, and I've often felt like my life was over.
I get on the internet, and all I see is horrible stories. Aren't there any good ones ???
Thanks, Debbie.

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Debra... Do not fear, there are plenty of people who have had exactly what you have and gone on to be pain free and frankly feeling better and stronger than they have in a long while. In fact L5/S1 is the MOST common place for disc problems. If conservative treatments don't work there are minimally invasive surgical procedures that have high success rates. A good surgeon will work with you to devise a conservative treatment protocol for your specific issue and if that fails in many cases with herniated discs, you can have an outpatient microdiscectomy or even laminotomy/laminectomy (depending on your issue) and be good to go in no time.

See: Exercise and Herniated Discs , Laminotomy versus Laminectomy , Lumbar Discectomy: Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery ,


Hi, I saw your post and I too dealt with a L5/S1 herniated disc for years. The pain was across the lower back and went down the leg into the foot. I had a disectomy and it reherniated, had another discectomy and it happen again. I then had an L5/S1 artificial disc replacment Pro-disc L. and wish I could of gotten it in the first place. The injury happened in 1995 and it was'nt available. All that I can say is I was in excrutiating pain and could hardly walk or stand very long and it is like a miracle no lumbar pain, no leg pain. Do all the research you can and make an informed decision.
Best wishes,Rae


It all depends on the person, the work you do, and your activity level. I am not a doctor but no two bodies are the same. There are plenty of conservative treatments that can cure the pain or help to control it. Id say find a qualified ortho spine and physiatrist. The sooner the better this whole health care debate could put us all in dire straits. IF it goes through will all be rationalized our health care and forced to see doctors that arent good. Anyways gettting side tracked there sorry yes there is. I can state that there are ways to treat it without pain meds. The key is to find qualifide specialists even if it means you have to travel. I try to not post about my pain and the horror stories b/c psychosamaticaly it seems to make otheres feel worse. So are there positives yes many can go on for years not everyone suffers from pain from that area hope this helps.


Thank you for your support !!
My Ortho said that I'm way too compressed and if I chose surgery, he would want to fuse.
That is not what I want. I'm not sure if I could get an artificial disk. I know that insurance doesn't pay yet. I'm still trying to hang in by doing Pilates and walking and stretching, etc...
I also know that many are suffering much more than I. I just needed some hope to keep going on.
It seems never ending and my life is not my own anymore.
I wish more people posted good news. I'd like to hear from someone who felt great, but it took 3 years and no surgery.
Good luck to all of you !!!


Debra, check out the book "Pain Free" by Pete Egoscue. He has some very logical insight into the machine that is our body. Also discusses the importance of musculoskeletal alignment of all joints.He actually has five books out now. Look on Amazon.com.
Best wishes for you in everything you are doing.We have to be proactive as patients. Doctors do NOT know everything,and there ARE different modalities that we all can investigate.
Also googol Prolotherapy. That seems to be an alternative to the cut& snip philosophy that so many physicians proffer.
Best wishes.