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Spinal surgeries

Started by pollywolly on 02/19/2010 5:52pm

I had my first back surgery in 1986 for a herniated disc at L5-S1 which had taken 3 years to diagnose!
3 months postoperative the disc further ruptured, so in 1987 I underwent another partial discectomey.
I continued to have problems over the next few years when it finally came to a head in 1992, at which time I had an anterior and posterior fusion with instrumentation. I am a professional figure skating coach, self employed, I was back on the ice teaching in one month - yes it was extremely painful - but if I had been turned down for disability. The next two years was still painful, though not quite as bad. In 1994 I underwent my fourth surgery to remove the instrumentation, and after the initial pain had subsided, things improved. I have had the occasional flare ups which normally eased after some rest. Then 6 months ago it started again, and didn't subside with rest and meds, The latest CTscan shows stenosis, DDD, bulging disc L3-L4 and a whole mess at the L4-L5 level, further to this there are 2 bulging discs in the thoracic area and other issues in the cervical area. The donor site on my hip still has the screws in, and this has since become painful. I don't want more surgery if I can help it, but I also don't want to live my life in pain day in and day out.
I have had to sell my house because disability wont pay - they say I must be considered chronic and long term! aren't they wonderful.
I wish those people good luck with their upcoming surgeries, and remember the pain gets easier with each passing day after the surgery.
Located in canada

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I recently found on you tube and metacafe websites that have several testimonies from people from Canada that have gone to Wockhardt Hospital in India for artificial disc replacement. It is noted that it is about 20% of the cost of a surgery in the USA and the hospital is state of the art....I am looking for responses from any one who has been there.