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compression fracture

Started by smidget1212 on 02/14/2010 10:45pm

I was recently diagnosed with a compression fracture in my spine. I have no history of osteoporosis, but evidently unloading trucks at Wal-Mart is the cause of this. I am 53 years old , 4'11" and have been unloading trucks for over a year. I have been asking to be changed to something different but it never happened. The doctor that diagnosed me stated that this should be filed on workman comp, but according to Wal-Mart policy since i did not have a specific act that caused my pain I cannot file it on workmen comp. What I am wondering is it possible to sneeze or cough hard enough to create an injury like this. I am still waiting on my appt. with the pain doctor to have the cement injected to fill the fractures. How long will that last? Will I hurt like this forever? Will I be more prone to other compression fractures? I am totally in the dark and scared to death. I have to be able to work, right now I have no income whatsoever. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Sherry

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Dear Sherry,
I don't know the answer for I am searching for the same one. I have heard @ the cement thing. I think they call it Kyphoplasty. I have a T3-T4 compressed fracture that my NS just left and I don't understand. I kept going to him after I had an ACD&F spinal diskectomy and told him where I hurt and wasn't even informed at that time that I had a compressed fracture and as a matter of fact didn't even know I had a Chiari Malformation either(6.5cm) and that worries me. I am in pain all the time and it's a daily battle. I can't stand for more than 10min. or do anything for I will pay later. I might feel good one day out of 3 and if that. I don't understand why they don't tell us the things that we have. My NS just basically seemed to be through w/me and sent me on my way thinking he was done...I guess. I don't know..it is crazy.

I even have things now that has progressed into paralysis and numbness so bad that I can't feel things. I have this dental pick that I scratch with because I can't feel the relief w/anything because I can't feel the point of it. I feel I have to push so hard that I might be bleeding and it is really scaring me. I am going to a new doc on the 6th of April....so ready. I just hope he will get to the bottom of my prob and I sure hope u can find relief as well. It is hard sometimes, but we have to hold onto the good things in our lives. I really feel blessed in my life...believe it or not more now than I ever have. I might have more pain, but I have God now and He sustains me. I am so greatful for that. I just try to focus on Him and pray. I read His Word and he gets me through another day.

All I know is that I want to say something @ ESI's..(Epidural Steroid Injections)...they will MESS U UP!!!! I mean it. So, if they offer u to get them...turn them down. I was hit by one and that is really when all of my real pain started. If u read up on it, they stick a needle into your arachnoid sanctom....something like that...I don't have the words in front of me, but it said that it can give u an infection or damage something that can never be reversed. I just pray that that hasn't happened to me already. I can't seem to get rid of an infection and it seems to be internally ....deep or something. I have taken round after round here lately and it just is still there.

I hope you get better and keep ur chin up. Keep The Lord right by ur side and everything will be okay. Pray...read and just know...have faith that it all will turn out okay. Take care and always....GOD BLESS... Karen



You should be able to claim worker's comp.

Forget Wal-Mart policy -- I also work for Wal-Mart, unloading trucks is the reason i have developed DDD.

You should be able to file for worker's comp. stating that it is an issue caused over time, by wear and tear.

If Wal-Mart will not co-operate, then have your doctor help you file the paperwork. Inform Worker's comp. even about the issue. Fight it, it's your right!!


I am late to this thread and hope by now you have filed with Workman's Comp. I also hope you had the cement injections too. I have a compression fracture at T12 from a wicked fall. I had the cement injection last Tuesday. I can't say that the experience was pleasant, it actually hurt like heck. Anyone thinking of getting this done, I strongly suggest you INSIST on some kind of sedation.
Unfortunately the pain still has not gotten better. I read that it can take up to a month before the cement makes the pain go away.
I also have a tumor in T112. A biopsy was done before the cement injection. Should get the results tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm not too worried that it is something bad, it's probably a Hemangioma.