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spinal stenosis

Started by babyjay on 01/26/2010 1:38am

i have spinal stenosis and it hurts so bad. my doctor gave me soma and lortabs to take also motrin but it coesn't help. i don't know what else to do for the pain. please some one help me

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If you are a candidate for surgery, my understanding is there are some good minimally invasive solutions for stenosis surgery now that seem to work. You can find some info here:

Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

Another article says, "If you have a severe case of spinal stenosis, your doctor may use an epidural steroid injection into the spinal fluid around your spinal cord and nerve roots. An injection puts anti-inflammatory medicine into the epidural space to decrease the inflammation of the nerve roots."

Have you tried this?


I had a cervival fusion on two of the vertebrae in my neck where I had bone spurs removed and bone grafted where the disk used to be and then sealed with a metal plate and screws. It has now come back ,The bone above and below the fusion are in the same bad shape, I am again in pain with numbness and tingling in my legs and arms.My sugery went very well with 2 days in the hospital with quick recovery ,unfortunately it was not to be a permanent fix. I am now considering Disability because ,I get a lot of pain doing just about any physical movement.Think long and hard , read all the information, ask many questions get lots of opinions adn advice from experts and forums like this.and by the way ,I have taken so much pain medication ,I have developed an ulcer from all the acid
I am 57 years old


Capatga... sorry to hear about what you are going through... Your advice is fantastic... babyjay definitely talk to multiple specialists. Any of the editorial board members of this website would be an excellent source for a second opinion.

Capatga... I have read that its not uncommon for a single level fusion to lead to adjacent level degeneration - "adjacent level disease". From Operative Techniques in Orthopaedics. Its saying 25% of these surgeries result in something similar to what is going on with you and a second surgery is necessary to fix it:

"Cervical arthrodesis is a common and effective procedure for treating cervical disc herniation and spondylosis causing myelopathy and/or radiculopathy. Patients undergoing cervical arthrodesis often have excellent outcomes, although approximately 25% will develop new or recurrent symptoms within 10 years after their index procedures. Whether these recurrent symptoms represent a progression of the initial disease process destined to occur with time or are a consequence of the increased stress associated with the index surgical fusion is still a matter of debate. However, risk factors have been identified that are associated with the development of new disease at adjacent levels, including (1) a single-level index surgical arthrodesis, (2) the presence of adjacent level degeneration at the time of the index surgery, and (3) fusions ending adjacent to the most common levels of cervical degeneration (C5–C6 and C6–C7). Once adjacent level disease has occurred, many patients will require a second surgical procedure either through an anterior, posterior, or combined anterior–posterior approach."


I too have spinal stenosis and my doctor sent me to a doctor who is certified in Pain Management. After looking at my MRI he gave me an epidural in the spine. It took away the pain. I hightly recommend this type of treament for stenosis. I do not want to have surgery and I hope this will keep me from it. For now it is wonderful. For the first time in months I can sleep without waking up when I try to turn over. I can sit and get up and walk like a normal person. AND I don't have any pain in my back or hip. Good Luck.