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Cervical Fusions

Started by Jazzypeach on 11/19/2018 5:13pm

I fell 8 1/2 feet on a boat in 2004, I landed on my neck & right shoulder. I was told by a trauma surgeon that had I hit harder I would of been paralyzed as I had very severe bone spurs facing my spinal cord. I have endured 3 cervical surgeries, 1 back surgery & a right knee surgery. I thank God that I am walking. The question I have for anyone i that may have hardware in their neck is have you heard of the titanium plate fracturing? My last neck surgery was in 2009, the surgeon removed a plate and 6 screws, revised a failed fusion at C 5-6, removed more disc and put in a plate and 10 screws. In 2015 I knew something was wrong, my pain was worse. I have been in the care of doctors since my last neck surgery and they sent me for an X-ray. The X-ray and MRI showed that the titanium plated is broken at the 5-6 level and I am not fused where there is a break. My pain has always been chronic, I have had injections, medication, tens unit, cool rubs, ice packs and moist heat. I am getting ready for CT Scans and Nerve Impluse Test. To date, nothing has worked. I truly feel that their is no hope anymore. I am 61, I am a caretaker for my 87 yr old mother and try to care for 2 senior dogs. I am so scared that I may have to live with this plate as it’s very dangerous to remove plus I am not fused at 5-6. My fusion is from C 3-4 thru C 7-8 to T 1-2. Driving is so difficult, I read that a broken plate, if hit from the rear could go into your esophagus and you could bleed out and die. Very disturbing. If anyone can give me any feedback I would be grateful. I hope that your all taking care of yourselves as neck surgery is a tough thing to go through. Thanks.

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I have questions about cervical plate removal. I have had 3 surgeries in the neck. The last one left the hardware causing swallowing problem at the level of the fusion. Doctors feel it is risky trying to remove the hardware since I have already had 3 fusions. The esophagus is what they are thinking of. Any comment?