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Foot pins & Needles into 4th & baby toe, left side

Started by SunshineBC on 09/15/2018 3:04am

Had my 6th Spinal Fusion, Anterior/Posterior Fusion Pelvis to T10, replacing 4 broken pedical screws, placing 2 cages, front and back in November. While reviewing my scans at 3 months, it was discovered that I had a bent screw, now lots of pain associated with back. I’m now dealing with chronic leg and foot pain. It continues on to my 4th & baby toe, with major pins & Needles. My surgeon is having me come to see him early, at 9 months rather than the one year. Is it possible that my foot issues could be associated with my last surgery? Are there surgical options that I can ask him about? Thank you in advance for answering my query.
I should also tell you, I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, I’m a 62 year old woman with a history of spinal problems. I was advised that I needed my first surgery when I was 20, delayed it for 14 years. I think I’m paying for that now.

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