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Pain spread after epidural injection

Started by Broken_brad on 08/05/2018 7:46am

I've been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis , arthritis, degenerative disc disease resulting in mild spinal stenosis. The arthritis is bad in the facet joints and my pain specialist is always pushing for injections, I swear that's how they make their money. Anyway my pain is very severe in my lower spine and SI joint areas but never really hurt to bad in my legs. I finally let him do a spinal injection on the right and left facet joints on the l3. The left side felt like they normally do a lot of pressure and quite a bit of pain as the meds being injected, but then on the right side something went wrong and it felt like my entire right leg was being electrocuted like when u hit ur funny bone but on a massive scale, he injected no medication on the right side and now I'm in so much pain it's unbelievable. I cannot even put my shoes on because the bending or drive because of the extending my leg while sitting. He denys anything went wrong but when I try to stand and sit now I get burning hot stabbing pains in my buttok thigh and lower back, like something in there is shredding Everytime I move. It's been 5 months and now it's going down my right leg just now starting to affect my calf. I was told pinched and damaged nerves heal on their own but mine only seems to be getting worse by the day and Drs don't seem to care to listen. I have 5 mins to try to explain what's going on while he types his visit report at the same time so its in one ear and out the other. I pray nobody has been thru this but if so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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