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new here and a bit confused.

Started by awill5 on 01/26/2018 8:12pm

I'm Alyssa, and very new to this site. I am also new to this kind of pain in my back. The pain started almost 2 months ago pretty much at the same time my right wrist was diagnosed with tendonitis as well as my elbow, and my back has gotten progressively worse. My primary care doctor sent me to PT without doing any imaging on my back and not so much as even looking at my back without my shirt covering it. My PT physician sent me for xray and did my first session. Today on my second session he showed me my xrays. I didn't even need him to tell me the problem was in my t3 and 4 since I told him that but I didn't even think they could be fused! he said that it is developmental partial fusion of t3-4. What does that mean ? the developmental part! I understand the fusion part lol
has any one else had a similar situation? It must have started within the last 3 years because before that I have had more imaging of my body than a model due to epilepsy and asthma, unless a lot of people just ignored the crunching spine lol

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