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Needing advice

Started by Eileensteve on 11/10/2017 9:26pm

Hi everyone,
I would be grateful for any direction anyone can give me. I have been having pain in my spine for a few years but over the last 8 months things have got to a different level. I am stooped over and in extreme pain when walking or standing. I have been attending the gp for years with fibromyalgia 'or so they think' and I am now experincing tingly numb legs and arms. Weird headaches like what I would imagine a micro electric shock in the head to feel like. I'm of work sick, this being my 5th week. I'm worried as I'm deterating and I'm still waiting to be seen either by neurologist or rhuemytologist. I have also had recent blood done which confirmed inflammatory markers off. I also suffer uveitis and have red bloodshot eyes.
I'm from Scotland and I'm 44years
Thanks in advance. Xx

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Hi, Eileensteve--Thank you for your post. We're so sorry to read about what you've been through the past few months.

We think it's excellent you have reached out to a neurologist to address the tingling and numbness you've experienced--those specialists are best positioned to understand and address your nerve-related pain.

We're not medical professionals, and so we can't provide much by way of diagnosis. However, we have some resources that may be of help.

The first pair of articles are related to neurogenic headaches. You mention experiencing headaches,
and we wonder if it could be related to the type of headache described in these articles:
( Neck Pain and Headaches )
( Cervicogenic Headaches Start in the Neck )

We'd also like to share this article, which focuses on neuropathic pain (nerve-related pain--the type of pain that causes numbness and tingling): ( Understanding Neuropathic Pain ). This article is detailed, but we hope it can help you understand this type of pain and facilitate good discussions during any upcoming appointments with your specialists. Our Chronic Pain Center may also be helpful to you: ( Chronic Pain Center ).

We wish you the best of luck as you learn more about what's going on. Please keep us posted on what you find out!