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When Doctors say "paralysis" is possible.

Started by savvystylingco on 05/12/2016 10:00pm

I knew my 2nd fusion on c6-7 was loose and pursued help. A lot. But was kind of dismissed over and over, at 1st. No ct was even done til I reached out to a disc replacement surgeon out of state. Now, he gives the results that it is dangerous and can cause paralysis. Lots of scary stuff but my hubs thinks it's a scare tactic for $$. I had a local radiologist take a good hard look at the same ct and he said he was sorry but had to agree with dr and c6 is no longer fused. He was concerned as well. Now, I have lived with this over a year and am 2 1/2 weeks after a shoulder surgery and I'm exhausted, frustrated and a little unsure of which route to take. Popping and grinding in my neck and other symptoms I know are nuero, & without all the hassle, I really want the disc replacement. In a perfect world, I guess. I not only don't want another fusion but I want them both changed out now. My biggest question though, is, will a doctor use the word paralysis if it's not a real concern?

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