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Please help I have lost all

Started by 617051261786187... on 03/06/2016 1:20am

I don.t know where to begin my story, if all these things had not happen to me, I would call myself a liar. Honestly I have forgotten what laughter and normal things in life are when I went to my G.P. and the DWP for help back in the summer of 2013
I could walk smile make others smile, infact when I woke up every morning my first thought was not WHAT BAD THING WILL HAPPEN TODAY HONESTLY THERE MUST BE SOMEONE WITH A VOODOO DOLL OF ME STICKING THE ARSENAL OF A BUTCHERS SHOP INTO IT.......... Summer 2013 one day right out the blue my left ear started making the sound of an alarm going of from the inside of a building not the sound an alarm makes from the outside, a few days go by and its been keeping me awake there is a big dull pain building in my neck an shoulder. Fortnight later there is a massive lump at the back of my ear bottom of skull meets neck then looking in mirror I notice that the top of my skull looks as if is collapsing caving in. The noise from my ear was now making me crazy. So goes to doctor, right away sends me to ear specialist, and concerned about the lump behind ear an MIR scan, Tintus is reason given for ear, he then informs me that for the rest of my life I will never know silence again. Couldn't sleep and this noise was big time effecting my sanity. Sent to a noise clinic where you are taught how to manage it. Results come back, I ask the doc what is the score with lump. THIS IS THE ANSWER I RECEIVED good news Stephen they are not nasty lumps
(not cancer) so what is wrong then doc. He reply "here is a sick not for 4 week" he dint know what or why. Next visit same again I am slightly concerned as there does not seem to be a plan of action. Well next thing letter from DWP medical assessment, now at this time physically am good neck painful an stiff but ok, but the noise sometimes had no sleep for 3 or 4 nights an basically only feel asleep because body gave up, So the questions begin and I am totally bewilder nearly knocked sideways when am asked " can you hoover stephen " what with my ear mate, am thinking,, I reply honestly " look a can yes and a could wash my dishes to BUT THE PROBLEM I HAVE FOR EXAMPLE SAY MY JOB WAS TO BE HERE AT 6am to clean your office well a might not have sleep or maybe collapsed into a deep sleep, Well it soon be xmas and am telling my father, but he then tells me that he IS GOING TO DIE HAS 1 OF THE MOST VIOLENT AN RARE FORMS OF CANCER A STRAIN OF MERKEL CELL CANCER ONLY DISCOVERED 2008. Well atos say I am fit for work and my dads going on about hospice. SHORTEN IT HERE NO WAY I AM LETTING THAT MAN DIE ALONE IN A HOSPICE, I ask him where home or hospice, END OF STICK YOUR SICK MONEY FOX YOUR APPEAL AND YOUR JOBSEEKERS, Horrible time watch him change colour ect nurse him comfort my mother an all that APRIL 10 2014 over. My health bad neck ect my mother is angry with me and moans at me to now look after my own health, Innocently i think that these bodys ,,GP an DWP will help an soon all be fine. FIRSTLY TAKES 3 WEEKS TO GET BY RECEPTION THEN 6 WEEKS PASS NO MONEY CALL DWP,, YEAH MR MCLACHLAN YOU NEED TO SEND SICK NOTE, I TELL EM BUT A HAVE,, NOT RECEIVED,,,, AGAIN NEED TO GET BY RECEPTIONIST INFACT NOW AUGUST STILL NO MONEY (SINCE BEFORE XMAS 2013) THEY HAVE LOST EVERY SICK NOTE INFACT EVERY BIT OF CORRESPOND I SENT, MY ASSESSMENT CAME BEFORE MY FIRST PAYMENT,,,, I am not being allowed to foucus on geting better as the DWP are making life so difficult,, final payment following week assessment,,, It is a heat wave am on my way by bus to see ATOS guy. Neck is grinding making me dizzy half way there I suddenly feel am going to vomit I do all over another passenger AM HORRIFIED of bus an home, CALL ATOS THEY SAY THEY WILL INFORM DWP OFFER NO APPOINTMENT,,,,, NEXT MY MONEY IS STOPPED I GET THIS MANDITRY THING AM ALLOWED NO BENEFIT NOTHING AN A MEAN NOTHING. but you guessed they stnd by there reason and tell me I MUST PROVE I WAS SICK ON A BUS. I RIGHT DRIVER COULD YOU WRITE ME A NOTE FOR SOCIAL OR THE MAN WHO GOT TH VOMIT SHOULD ASKED HIM IF A COULD TAKE HIS PICTURE,,, YEAH I THOUGHT HE MIGHT JUST KICK MY BALLS,,,, THEY GAVE ME ADVICE WHICH WAS ALL LIES AND NO MORE THAN ENTRAPMENT,,,TOLD ME ,,I HAD NO RIGHT TO APPEAL BUT I DID, THAT I MUST I MUST CLAIM JOB SEEKERS,,,, man my health getting bad now when i have been sitting or sleeping and get up an go to walk it like a handicapped person or disabled man also like i have strings like a puppet and am noticing NOISE IN EAR GETS WORSE WHEN PAIN GETS BAD,,, so had 1 payment since xmas 2013 my dad am ill the dwp got me on my hands an knees i find am walking around saying AH FUCK FOR FUCK SAKE self esteem and worth are low my 74 year old mum who has just lost her husband of 1 MONTH SHORT A 55 years is supporting me landlord on my case,,,, I DISCUSS WITH MY DOC PAIN AND NOISE INCREASE,,, at last he says I think you have Degenerative type of spondylitis and for the first time writes on my sick note, 2 days before appeal a lady calls from DWP saying good news stephen we will open a new claim for you, so just forget about the appeal ?????? any way wins appeal in october when contacting the dwp about it THEY TELL ME THEY DONT KNOW WHAT AM ON ABOUT,, NOW MY MENTAL HEALTH IS A BIT POOR pain and shit also anyway yet another assessment THIS CHAIN OF EVENTS I NEVER SEEN COMING I ALSO TELL YOU BE ALARMED BE WORRIED I HONESTLY THINK THEY ARE TRYING TO DESTROY ME,, NON DOCTOR FROM ATOS FEMALE age under 30 carries out ,,,, SHE SHOUTS AT ME INTIMIDATING IN MANNER look stephen listen now TRUTH IS THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. YOUR DAD DONE THIS CAUSED YOU ALL SO MUCH STRESS ITS MAKING YOU ACHE FACT STEPHEN TRUTH ITS BECAUSE YOUR DAD.....i picture him lay there poor man looked like an alien not my father had a tumour on a buttock bigger than my head fact I WONTED HIM TO DIE I ASKED HIM TO STOP FIGHTING CAUSE I LOVED HIM AN HIS SUFFERING WAS THE MOST EVIL THING I HAVE EVER HERD,,, I started to cry slightly but she seemed to be on a roll now shout yeah and that ringing in your ear eh eh I GOT THAT THAT NOTHING JUST GET ON WITH IT still shouting at me " SO WHAT IS IT YOU DO ALL DAY EHH I KNOW BET YOU GET UP AND RIGHT AWAY PUT THE TELLY ON DONT YOU STEPHEN AM RIGHT SO WHAT TELLY PROGRAMS YOU WATCH EHH EH" wondering that if i answer jermy kyile that might make me a scum bag or she think am cheeky if i say dirty rotten scoundrels but both would be a lie as dint own a tv or wont to,,,,,,,,END OF ASSESSMENT NO PHYSICAL EXAMINATION CARRIED OUT , so no points at all she told lies about my apperance and even twisted my words BASICALLY THERE WAS NO POINT IN ATTENDING AS THAT OUTCOME WAS ALREADY THERE WAITING BEFORE I WAS EVEN ILL fit for work march 2015 I GIVE UP DONT CARE WHATS THE POINT HAVE NO WILL LEFT I ASKED FOR HELP BUT HAVE ONLY BEEN BULLYED TOLD LIES DONT KNOW WHERE WHEN WHAT,,APART FROM THESE PEPOLE HAVE TERRORISED ME AND ITS NOT ABOUT ME OR MY HEALTH CAUSE I HAVE JUST TO GO AWAY,,,,,,,, FAST FORWARD NOVEMBER 2015 STILL NO MONEY STARVING YES IN OUR DEVELOPED COUNTRY NO POWER LIGHT HEATING OR COOKING HOT WATER ECT MY BODY IS GOING CRAZY I THINK I MUST BE AT IT A REALY DO ITS MY FAULT,,,REALITY EVERY BIT IS IN AGONY TO LIFT A KETTEL SORE ,, AND YESTERDAY MY ANLEL BALLONED BUT ITS OK TODAY SO one day pain came from nowhere as I struggel TO WALK UP THIS HILL THAT A DO EVERY DAY,,,,,,,, enough looking in mirror says all there is somthing well wrong am thinking and getting worse,, GOES TO DOC IN NOVEMBER WHO TREATS ME WITH CONTEMPT SNEERING AT ME SYING YOU NEED TO GET A JOB DWP FOUD YOU FIT I POINT OUT 8 MONTH AGO by no doc BUT HE CONTINUES TO BE LITTEL ME SAY SO WHAT IS THIS SPONDYLITS SEE YOU CAN MOVE NECK OK NOW beg him to cal doc bak in glasgow no they have written to him asking him to deny me I INFORM HIM CANT TAKE IT NO MORE BE BEST DEAD yeah yeah a send you for blood tests,,, still waiting cunt eventually his partner send me x/rays BECAUSE A NOW CANT WALK 10 STEPS WITHOUT BEING IN PAIN THAT I WHISH ON NO MAN THE XRAY NOTE HE GAVE ME SAYING WHERE HE WONTED X/RAYED WAS MARKED NOT URGENT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK CANT GET DRESSED WASH SLEEP SHOP PISS SHIT COOK OR EVEN CRY BUT AM IN SERIOUS PAIN WITH PAIN KILLERS 1 MONTH IT TAKES ,,,,,, RESULT DEFORMITY ON 1 VERTABRE ITS MARCH STILLL WAIT ON APPOINTMENT CONFIRM FROM SPECIALIST I HAVE NOTHING ANY ,OR I DEPEND ON MY POOR WE MOTHER WHO SUPPORTS US ON HER PENSION how are they allowed to totaly violate my human rights now can some one he[p me as i whish to sue FOR 1 REASON OTHERS COULD HAVE FORMED A CANCER IN 8 MONTH AND DIE WHEN THERE WAS NO NEED AN WHOLE TIME I BEEN SUFFER I THINK THEY ARE OTHERS WITH KIDS BEING TORTURED 2 SO IF COMP PAID HALF I AM GOING TO ST UP CHARITY SUPPORT FOR THEM AS POOR KIDS WILL BE AFFECTED THE REAT OF THERE LIVES so still after 3 year dont really know what wrong thanks dwp an doc for help

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