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Alternatives to fusion for complicated case

Started by Cre8iveMinerLee on 03/05/2016 5:13am

I'm a 36 year old female being treated for AS for the last 18+ years. Treatment includes Revellex, Methotrexate, Anti inflamatories, etc. Had my first full disk replacement in 2003 on L5-S1. Had another disk replacement (different type of disk) in 2008 on L4-L5. Around 2010 I started experiencing a strange clicking noise in my back when moving in a specific way. At first it only happened rarely but as time progressed it has become an almost daily occurrence. Following some tests it seems the 2008 disk has become "hypermobile" my doctor told me that specific type of disk has been taken off the market recently - reason unknown. Seems I will need to go for a fusion on that level shortly because something is pressing on the spinal cord. So here's the problem, I don't really tolerate anaesthesia well (liver issues afterwards presumably as a result of my ongoing treatment ) in addition the immunosuppressive meds I take to control my AS inhibits bone growth. Going off the meds is really not ideal for me because of the various risks and issues associated with that. I had foot surgery recently where nonfusion was a major problem. The first surgery was unsuccessful because of no fusion.the second surgery had a bone graft from my hip also not successful. The third surgery was successful using BMP but had to remain in a cast for +8 weeks followed by moonboot for another 10+ weeks. Is there an alternative to the fusion that can address the instability now experienced on L4-L5 where the disk failed?

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