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Anterior posterior l3-l5 double fusion

Started by Dogtrainer on 02/27/2016 10:22am

I am 3-4 weeks post surgery and beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately for me I had an unexpected bleed and needed 4 bags for a transfusion. This is extremely rare so I don't want to scare anyone.

This set me back and I was in inpatient rehab for 1-1/2 weeks. I have been home a week and already see improvements. I am still using a back brace and walker, but now find it is becoming easier to walk without it as long as I am careful.

As far as pain, the first two weeks were horrible. I think my was made worse due to the large hematoma pressing on one of my nerves. My body is slowly obsorbing the blood and my levels are improving.

Now I am taking Oxycodone and a long acting OxyContin. I occasionally use muscle relaxants. I was told this kind of pain was normal and should be able to wean off these meds in a couple of weeks. I am hoping I will not suffer withdrawal if done slowly.

I had major PT and OT while I was at inpatient rehab which really helped strengthen my legs. Until I can drive I have in home PT. I walk as much as possible which is probably the most important advice I was given to improve pain , stiffness and especially scar tissue.

I will mainly be on my own from now on which is a little scary but have plenty of friends close
by to help.

My biggest gripe is how little energy I have. I get exhausted after showering , dressing etc. is this normal?

I see my neurologist this week so I hope to get rid of this brace!

The biggest challenge I have is to have patience. Although I am 64, I have always been quite active. My goal is to finally return to playing golf with little to no pain. I live on a golf course but know how extremely important not to push it!

Sorry for the length of this post. It is my first.

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