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anterior cervical fusion of t1-c7, c7-c6

Started by rsdonkey on 05/25/2011 6:10pm

with autograft bone. surgery was on apr 6,2011. I'm at 7 weeks recovery now.

Prior to surgery, I had right arm and shoulder pain, and right hand weakness(very distressing since I am a father of a 2 yr old , and I am a pianist).

After surgery I steadily improved. Pain gone, hand getting better. Feeling optimistic, playing piano.

But over this past weekend I experienced the return of some symptoms - some tingling in rt hand, and a bit weaker than usual.

I think I sat down too hard when getting in the car. I felt a tug in my neck. started having symptoms a few hours later.

Doctor said I have some imflamation and prescribed a 8 day pregnisone dose which I started today.

Question: anybody out there have any similar experience? I am worried that my fusion is failing.

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On April 11, I had surgery for the following (from the doctor's report to my referring family doctor):

". . . She has significant degenerative changes at 4-5, 5-6, and 6-7. Her MRI is actually the most impressive as she has significant cord pressure at each of those levels - 4,5, 5-6 and 6-7.

Recommendation: She is a candidate for a 3-level anterior discectomy and fusion, instrumentation, and especially a decompression.
I think, based on the severity of the symptoms as well as the severity of the pressure, this is essentially a non-elective situation."

I too have had a couple times when I "jerked" my back a bit too hard or bumped my shoulder. I too had resulting pain. Not severe, but bad enouth that it worried me. It went away in a couple days and all seemed well. Did your doctor do an xray before prescribing the prednisone? I would hope so, and that would ease your mind about whether your fusion is failing.

In two weeks I return for my two month checkup, and hopefully be released. Until I demanded an MRI, the severity of my problem wasn't seen. I always wonder why doctors seem so hesitant to have MRI's done. This is 2011, and MRI's should be routine by now. Had it not been discovered, my surgeon said, I could have died.

If your pain has subsided since your incident, I would think you are ok. But keep us posted.