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Spine MRI

Started by Pkayd on 08/29/2010 8:35pm

I just had a MRI of lumbar spine. Can someone explain these results to me.
There is a posterior protrusion and extrusion at L5-S1, extending into the lateral recessess bilaterally slightly greater on the right with contact and posterior displacement of the descending S1 nerves.  

There is edemea of the L5-S1 endplates, favored to be reactive/degenerative in etiology, given the intact endplates and lack of abnormal signal with the intervertebral disc space, as would be expected with an infectious spondylitis.

There is moderal narrowing of the left L5-S1 neural foramen

There are foci of possible edema of the T11 and T12 pedicles and facet articular processes as described although at the margin of the exam.  The findings are nonspecific, could be reactive/degenerative in etiology.  Correlation with any pain at this location is recommended.

Does any of this sound fixable? Is any of it permanet?  I am having so much pain in legs and back by the end of the day I have to pick my legs up to get in the car.

Any information would be appreciated.

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I am a hard patient of back pain please advise me some exercise....

Stretching Exercises


If you haven't already, schedule a follow up appointment with the doctor who ordered the MRI. Ask him/her to translate for you, and take notes! Good luck