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AS coupled with spinal stenosis

Started by cherokee50 on 04/15/2010 6:36pm

I have just been diagnosed with the above today...I started taking methotrexate last Thursday which is a drug used for cancer patients...I would like to know how common are the diseases I have...and how do I go about reversing or halting the affects of the disease when the medication I am on wipes me out...what's the percentages of these diseases? I was told that I am the second case in ten years...I would appreciate any advice. (In 2002 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and six months ago I was diagnosed with Renauld's Disease and was told today that one has nothing to do with the other in respect to my recent diagnosis - is this correct?)

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My father has AS with lumbar spinal stenosis. Ankylosing spondylitis is rare, however spinal stenosis is not. After having MRI's done, my father found out that his spinal stenosis was due to degenerative disc disease. I can't comment on whether your other two previously diagnosed diseases have anything to do with AS, but my father was misdiagnosed for 30 years. I dont think that there is a definitive test for Fibromyalgia, I think the diagnosis is from symptoms-so it is possible you do not have this. I am not familiar with the other disease. There is a better medication out there, although I currently can not think of it off of the top of my head. It is a newer drug that really helped my father with his pain...but he began to develop a tolerance and got worried so he stopped taking it. Also, exercise has been proven to alleviate the symptoms. My father has found that exercise helps his pain, however, when he began experiencing pain related to his stenosis he could barely walk. He was recieving steriod injections and PT for a year but his pain always came back. He recently had an inpatient procedure done which has significantly decreased his pain. I am not sure what part of the country you live in, but there is a renound AS specialist in Houston. His name is Dr. John Reveille if you want to look him up. I recently saw a patient on one of my rotations with AS who was my dad's age, the man was severely limited in his abilities (my father is not severly limited). It can be an aggressive disease and I highly reccommend that you seek a specialist who specializes in AS. Hope this helps.....


Iam a patient of AS but got well through homeopathic medicine. suffered 1 year in the bed due to the infllmation in all the joints. i simply could not walk and sleep because of the sleep.

went rheumotologist they advised me injection like remicade which are tnf blockers. but they said it will control the disease. since the side effects are high and the cure is no where is any ways.

went to one homeopathic doctor and he given me the miracle dose of the homeopathic medicine which got me well. just believe in me .

8 months time all my knee and elbow hip and shoulders neck joints are out of inflmmation i can run now. its a miracle.

just believe in the medicine and the doctors.

kindly contact me



regards and god bless you.

take care


AS is an inflammatory condition. It fuses bones. Usually the spine. It can be the source of a lot of pain. Please read and research for your self. Look in Google's search engine.
Here's one link that may answer some of your questions. Look for yourself. I know this as I am a similar disease called DISK.(Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis). AS and DISH have some simular characteristic, they are different.

The best think for AS is to try to keep as active as possible. I don't know what your other issues play towards AS. If nothing else go to PT and try Aqua-therapy. If anything can and try to get some better range of motion.
Make sure that you have good doctors to guide you through as there may be times when it gets rough and you'll may need some pain meds to get through the hard times.