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spinal arthritis and back pain

Started by brit1 on 01/06/2020 11:55am

I am a senior but in good health/slim/exercise/walk daily etc. Due to several horse riding accidents 30+ years ago I frequently have times when my back "goes out". I was seeing a chiropractor (has retired) who saw me every few months and most of the time my back stayed great. A few weeks ago my back went out and I saw a new chiropractor. She insisted on xrays and showed them to me said my spine had lots of arthritis and was misaligned and could get very bad! I was so depressed to hear the news! I was going to start seeing her but the cost was so high :( She inferred only chiro manipulation could help me :( however I am wondering if physical therapy could help my condition as it would be less expensive. Frankly I was not doing my daily back exercises which I think led to the problem. thnx for any input

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