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Bilateral pars stress fracture L5/S1

Started by VickyB2010 on 02/28/2019 1:07pm

Hi, new here.
Just after similar stories and wanting to hear of anything that helped other than surgery. I do have disc degeneration too. The areas affected are L4,L5,S1.

Does anyone else with this condition find that they’re forced to curve to one side? My ribs are involuntarily kicking out to the left side, more so when the pain is bad.
I’m getting so frustrated with my days being dominated by different levels of pain. I have had a bilateral steroid injection. I am now scheduled for a second steroid injection but just on the right side for some pain relief. Obviously the surgeon and myself want to avoid surgery.
I can’t take antibiotics such as ibuprofen or naproxen due to a heart condition so I’ve got paracetamol and codeine to work with.

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