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3 months after surgery

Started by Riley Tina on 02/12/2019 4:11pm

Three months ago I had a fusion done on c4-c6 and at first the recover was tough but eventually it got a little easier.. But almost to the three month mark my left shoulder blade and left arm is killing me.. I also have chest pain on my left side and a pain under my my rib cage on my left side as well.. Has this happen to anyone else. My Dr told me that my chest pain and pain under my rib are not connect but I really feel like they are. Do anyone else have any experience with this?

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Thats scary.tk care n all the best.


Hello Tina, I had fusion surgery on C5-6 and C6-7 in 2017 and I also was a little better after a few months, since then I have bad pain in my neck and both shoulders as well as in my arms and fingers, my middle back, chest and rib cage also has bad pain at times and my rib cage can cause particular pain when I sneeze, I had the chest and rib pain pre op as well and was told once that it was referred pain only to be told later that it was not. I am now being sent to a Nerve conduction test as well as a Pain Management Centre, I am truly hoping I can get more answers there. This is probably not what you wanted to hear but you are not alone, Please keep us updated on any developments that may help.