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What can be the problem?

Started by Jan6420 on 01/29/2019 7:26am

My husband underwent 2back surgeries 3weeks apart from one another which 2nd one they put in screws and plates but after 2nd operation his left leg has a drop foot and his leg is giving in at times.which was never the problem before....dr simply just say that if it continues he will be like that for rest of his life, really without dr even doing an exam on the 6weeks visit.what can we do or what can help to fix problem.he is currently undergoing fisio no success thinking about prolotherapy???plz any help

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I have had the same issue for years now as a result of severe lumbar spinal stenosis, arthritis, and numerous shot disks. Yoga really helps in giving some relief but it always comes back once you've put weight on the leg for x amount of time. Tell your husband to stay as active as possible within his medical restrictions to avoid serious muscle atrophy which will only worsen his condition. Those muscles are the ones responsible for keeping those bad moments at bay for as long as possible. If you are anywhere near these severe winter conditions across the country then the cold will also tense up those muscles and agravate the symptoms. Stay warm


If I had surgery and developed new drop foot, I’d get a second opinion immediately- as that’s not the expected outcome- see another surgeon and request a new scan to check the surgery