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Disc thin. Shoulder,lower, numb

Started by Destone on 12/31/2018 8:37am

From the age of 10 I can remember having back pain from my backpack back in grade school. At the age of 13 I first discovered a numb patch of skin on my lower shoulder blade. I did sports till 16.. went through a few concussions but never any serious injury. My back pain became a part of me as I got used to it over the years, I am now 21yrs old. 2016 is when I started going to chiropractors when my pain got more consistent and intense. Mid 2017 was my worst year... I noticed my 3 forgers ( middle, ring, and pinky) on my right hand started to tingle whenever I had my arm bent for too long , like holding a phone in front of you. Looking back it would happen to my left side aswell but always ignored it or never thought it was serious as I grew up with folks that didn’t really go to doctors often. I would assume it would go away. It would last 10-30 mins at a time. Right hand was always worse, plus I’m right handed. I’m absolutely alway tense and overthinking it which makes it worse. Being in cold weather makes my back shiver and causes great pain and tightness around my spine therefore hurting my neck.

My breaking point was when I was blowing a balloon and as I puckered my lips and blew hard to fill the ballon, I heard and felt a pop in my neck and instantly tightened my shoulders and neck... preventing me from moving freely. I walked like a robot (stick up my ass). My fiancé drove me to a chiropractor and from there i went 5 times (in 2 weeks max). It would only take the edge off but not solve my pain. So I made an appointment with my DOCTOR, got an X-RAY and then saw a NEUROLOGIST. The neurologist informed me that i have a thinning disc C5-C6 and have a super straight neck. Google examples don’t have shit on my X-Ray.. my X-ray is straighter than the example pictures given.

Says he believes it’s reversible with time and management- prescribed I go to a physiotherapist to help my posture but also to relive tension in my neck and back so that I can focus on getting my posture back to normal! He also prescribed a cream including 3 different creams combined so there is no name to it. It has helped my muscles relaxe a lot but hasn’t helped my posture. Also I cannot do it myself and get all areas that are sore so I have to depend on my fiancé and masseuses to do the job.

This has taken AWAY from my everyday life (work, relationships, hobbies, house tasks, mental strength) and I get irritable. I’ve slowed down and it’s hard to stay strong mentally when your body isn’t on the same page and very weak. I have a lot of trouble sleeping. I need about 4 pillows and a neck pillow to sleep and need to make sure I take my pills for the day or I won’t function.

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