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Posted in: Alternative, and Spinal fractures.

Herbal alternatives for nuerapathy

Started by Stevepost on 07/07/2018 12:21pm

Hi , I wanted to know if there is any suggestions for herbal / natural meds for nuerapathy?
I'm a year and 8 moths out of lumbar fusion L-1 through L-5 . My right leg and foot get a lot of shocks heat and tingling!! My toes curl and I have no feeling other than the burning and tingling in my right foot.

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Hi, Stevepost--thanks for your question about herbal therapy for nerve pain. Have you tried capsaicin or cayenne? You can read more about how it may help nerve pain here:
( Alternative Treatment for Spinal and Back Pain )
( Cayenne )

Also, if you're interested in herbal therapy and want to visit a health professional who practices alternative medicine, this article may be of help: ( Selecting a Complementary, Alternative or Integrative Health Practitioner ).

Also, before trying any new treatment, we always urge you to run it by your personal doctor to ensure it doesn't cause more harm than good.

We hope this information helps! Let us know if this herbal therapy helps ease your nerve pain.