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Started back pain at 27, I am 44 now

Started by MoonTigress on 09/15/2017 4:54am

When I first started having lower back pain issues I was 27. It came out of nowhere. Before that I had been strong.
I jogged, hiked, scuba divers and e enjoyed what I could. I did have other health problems though steaming from childhood.
I had a pituitary gland issue. Extreme IBS, which at first they were saying I was Bulimic. My esophagus was deteriorated. I just was so backed up, that the food found another way out.
I also inherited from my Mother's side, Mental disease.
At least my body was strong I thought. One day at age 27, I was helping out some older woman at Church. We were putting the flyers together in which we had to go around and around this table to stuff the flyers a certain way.
Suddenly My back was in extreme pain and I cried out. I couldn't even do another round at that table. I tried, but my back wasn't having it. I went to the ER. After ex-rays showing nothing, the Doc said I see she has a mental problem. It is all in her head.
For 4 years of pure pain and misery, I was told that depression can cause one to feel like they have fantum pain. It's in my head.
I could not enjoy the active life style I use to.
Through trying to understand my pain, I came across Fibromyalgia. It soon was determined that is what I had. So I started on pain meds for 3 years. They sort of helped.
During this time I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, Insomnia, my body was nil on Vit C, Vit A, Magnesium and Vit D.
My body wasn't making or holding on to to nutrition.
My back pain was turning into leg, arm and shoulder pain as well. They started giving me cortisone shots. 2 every 3 months in my lower back, the left and right side.
I did this for 4 years with pain meds. I could st least bare the pain that was developing at a fast pace.
Then they pulled the shots. I now had Osteoporosis in my arms, legs, and spine. They were worried the shots where making it worse.
I only had pain meds again. A high doseage, yet they only lasted a couple hours at a time and then the pain would come back with advengence.
I was 38 by now. I couldn't do house chores anymore or enjoy a shower without crying. The pain was attacking my whole body.
Throughout the years of all the meds I took, they found that I had a fatty liver. I also had developed restless leg syndrome.
The last 4 years, I have tried physical therapy that only aggrevated the pain. I do take walks, but it can't be long ones or my feet swell and so do my hands. Plus the pain skyrockets. I got special insoles from a foot doc for my shoes.
Just this year at age 44, I have tried Eastern Medicine. Massage and Acupuncture.
I was praying that this would finally lessen my pain. I can't even shower now without a chair. Even with the chair I feel like carp after, being so tired in pain. Exhausted just from a shower.
The Acupuncturist found out that my Sciatic Nerve was severly bad. When she put the needles in the nerve, especially in my rump area, I would jump and try not to cry out with the pain.
Unfortunately, the only thing the Massage and Accupunture did was agitate the pain on a whole new level.
I thought it would get better, so I stuck with it. Just last week, My pain is now so high I can hardly move. I am hoping that they just aggrevated it, so maybe in a few weeks it will at least go back to the normal awful pain it was. Oh now I have osteoarthritis. Which at fist my doc though was RA. They hurt bad and my knuckles are double size.
I see no end in site, only with age my pain putting me in a wheel chair unable to take care of myself.
I am 44. I feel my body is 70+. I never imagined that in my 20's when I thought I was so very strong.

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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. We are so sorry to read about the long battle you've had with back pain. Rest assured, you are not alone in your pain. We know many who visit this Community can relate to everything you've described.

Pain is complex, and mental pain and physical pain can certainly fuel each other. While you'll find a wealth of information about the conditions you've described on SpineUniverse, we'd like to point you to 2 topic areas on our site that we think you'll find particular interest in.

First, we'd like to share our Spondylosis Center: ( Spondylosis Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment ). Spondylosis is another name for osteoarthritis. In the link you'll have easy access to our base of content on this condition, and you can read about potential treatments that might be worth exploring with your doctor.

The second resource we'd like to pass along is our Mental and Emotional Therapy Center: ( Depression is Connected to Back Pain ). Spine pain and emotional pain are tightly linked, particularly for people who have endured chronic pain for years. Your pain is complex, and you may need a complex treatment plan that addresses all aspects of your pain--physical, mental, emotional.

There's no magic bullet that can completely eliminate complex cases of chronic pain, but there are ways to reduce it and restore the quality of life you deserve. We hope this information helps, and we wish you all the very best.