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Posted in: Alternative, and Herniated disc.

Sauna with herniated discs?

Started by Alon Chen on 10/24/2016 1:41pm

Hi i have a few herbiated discs and wondering if sauna would be helpful or harmful. I read that can reduce inflammation for arthritis and such but i also read to use ice rather than heat on spine as heat can cause further inflammation. Thoughts?

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Hi, Alon Chen--We knw this post is about a year old, but this is a great question and we'd like to offer some feedback!

Many doctors will recommend applying heat to help ease pain and soothe spinal muscles, but we found the following information related to herniated discs and heat treatment:

Usually, after the first 48 hours, heat therapy can be applied. Heat increases blood flow to warm and relax soft tissues. Increased blood flow helps to flush away irritating toxins that may accumulate in tissues as a result of muscle spasm and intervertebral disc injury. Never apply heat directly to skin (just as with cold); instead, wrap the heat source in a thick towel for no longer than 20 minutes. You can read more here: ( Lumbar Herniated Disc )

Our recommendation would be to talk to your doctor about safely using a sauna with a herniated discs, as your particular health status might cause your doctor to caution against going in a sauna. But in most cases, keeping your session to 20 minutes or less should be a safe practice. We hope this helps!