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MIS-TLIF 2 weeks post op

Started by Ant0421 on 08/09/2016 5:56pm

Hi all... My name is Anthony and I wanted to share my experience having a MIS-TLIF. It's been 14 days since I had the surgery. Like most of you I did lots of research and watched many YouTube videos from other patients who had the surgery. Despite all the research I did I was anxious and nervous leading up to the surgery.
I am 38 years old, healthy and athletic, and I was diagnosed with isthmic spondylolisthesis in L5/S1. I put off having the surgery for years because I was able to manage the pain with lots of PT, chiropractic, exercise and yoga. Although I was never pain free I was able to live with it. It wasn't until my wife got pregnant and the thought of not being able to pick up my baby, or play with him on the floor that made me realize, I need to have the surgery now.
I did lots of research and finally found Dr Choll Kim. Dr Kim teaches this procedure to surgeons all over the country which made me confident in my choice of surgeons.
Dr Kim was confident that I could return to work in two weeks because of my age and that I was in good shape. He said the best thing I could do leading up to the surgery was to continue exercising and doing yoga. I listened to him and did yoga twice a week and exercised 3 days a week.
I had my surgery on 7/26/16 and was up and walking the same day. The pain meds helped of course, but I was doing so well the hospital released me the same day. Dr Kim warned me that day 2 and 3 post surgery would be the worse. I was doing ok on day 2 but he was right, day 3 kicked my butt. After that I made sure to take the pain meds on schedule and to stay ahead of the pain. The pain gradually lessened every day after that, to the point where I was just taking Tylenol for it.
I started PT on day 10 post surgery because I was feeling so great. The pain down my hip and quad that I was feeling from the spondy was gone. However I was feeling pain and tightness in my back and down my hamstring due to the surgery but it was bearable and knowing that it would be temporary helped me cope. But I was so glad to be rid of the hip and quad pain that was caused from the spondy. In my opinion that pain is far worse than dealing with the surgical pain. There were times I wanted to cut off my legs because that pain was so bad.
Today is day 14 and my first day back to work. So far I have no regrets with the surgery. I am able to bend and twist as long as I don't over due it. My Dr. said just let pain be my guide. I think the reasons I was able to bounce back so quickly are... Yoga, exercise, diet, my age, and of course choosing the best surgeon in Dr. Kim. I know my results aren't typical but I hope this helps anyone out there who is about to have or is considering having MIS-TLIF.

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