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Have a T8-T9 protrusion. What do you recommend--surgery?

Started by skeetelmore65 on 06/13/2016 5:35pm

Suffered back pain for 10 yrs or more and do well, when I get up in the morning, but then as my day progresses,so does the pain, to where it becomes unbearable to sit/stand. The ONLY thing that helps immediately, is to lean again a wall or lay flat on the floor. Only way the pain eases. Laying in bed is STILL not a remedy because the pain persists, never goes away. I have a mechanical vibrating bed and use a heating pad daily, to just DEAL with the PAIN!!! Not fun. I want relief, so that I can stand without this agonizing pain interfering with my everyday life. :/

I see a NS(Neurosurgeon) in 3 days to assess my T8-T9 protrusion, if I should get SURGERY or NOT.
I really NEED advice on what to do. Tired of taking strong pain meds. They should take the pain away completely, but they don't. Without them..I'm screaming in pain and my back can't even be touched. So, they do help, but they don't take the pain completely away. :o

My question to you is...IF I'm in pain, while wearing a 50 mcg Fentanyl Patch(change it every 48 hours), take 800 mg of Gabapentin 4 times a day and take as needed a breakthrough pain med of Norco 10/325....do you think surgery is warranted? Also, I take a 4 mg. Zanaflex in pm to help me sleep. If I have severe muscle spasms, I'll take a half a tablet during the day, but makes me dizzy and don't like to take it. Usually, I'll just deal by using my heating pad in bed.

Wouldn't you think? Surgery or no? Would you advise me to do surgery or is there another way of correcting this problem?
Would strengthening the core muscles would work alone? Personally, been trying to do that by Yoga, but dealing with other issues, which is making it difficult to follow through. o.O

Every layer of my back is affected with something. I have been dx'd with Fibromyalgia, DDD, Spinal Stenois, Spondylosis, T3-T4 Compressed Fractures, 4 Herniations in a row(T8-T11) and the protrusion on my T8-T9 and also a tear of my L4-L5.
Couldn't they just repair the protrusion and ease some of my pain without putting in plates and screws?

Possible to have surgery without it being a major surgery? NEVER had back surgery before and don't know what I'm facing. Had an ACD & F spinal diskectomy of my C5-C6. Wasn't bad, but it took years due to continued Neck pain. One Doc told me that I had a screw on top of a nerve and something about my Brachial Plexus involved. Tried to get the NS that did my surgery to take a deeper look, but never took me seriously. Just left as it was.

Dealing with other issues...Lyme disease(another words..H***!) Also, Hyperthyroidism w/2 colloidal cysts, Adrenal insufficiency, Chiari Malformation(due to Car accident) and an AVM in left Cerebellar Hemisphere and allergies. BUT, I am dealing with those using natural remedies. I use essential oils(Young Living) and they DO help me a ton! Blessed, because they have changed my life. I have become a distributor of the EO's because it saves me money that way. And..if, anyone is interested and needs essential oils from YL... I will supply my site address. :)

IT is just my BACK that IS keeping me down and NEED to know what you guys recommend I DO. I just need HONEST ADVICE and it is well-appreciated. Thank you in advance!!! ^_^
Thank you...God Bless, Karen- suffering in Arkansas.

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I have a lot of trouble with back pain, neck pain and scoliosis. Have you tried Oxycontin?, I used to be able to get it, but medicare won't pay for it unless I have special coverage. I tried a cortisone shot with no relief. I tried a Fentanyl patch, but I did not get any relief from it. Now, I am taking Oxycodone 30 mg q4 hours, which works pretty well. I would try to put off surgery as long as possible and look for alternative stuff.


Hi, skeetelmore65--We know this post is more than a year old, but we'd like to share some information with you and others like you who may stumble upon this post. But, first, can you tell us how you're doing and if you decided to move forward?

One of our best suggestions for anyone considering spine surgery is to browse through Dr. Anand's spine surgery blog: ( Spine Surgery Advice ). He posts some excellent information about the realities of spine surgery, and we think it's a very worthwhile read for anyone in your shoes.

You also asked if it was possible to have spine surgery without it being major surgery. And, yes, there are surgical alternatives that are much less invasive and come with shorter recovery times--and that is known as minimally invasive spine surgery. While not every condition and procedure can be treated using minimally invasive approaches, we think it's worth looking into. You can read all about them here: ( Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery ).

We hope this information helps you and any future readers!


Hi there! I'm new to this site, but I, too, am looking into surgery of my T9.
In my research, I have found that many odd symptoms can accompany T9 problems. I would say that many of your other issues could have been caused by the long time period in which your T8 and 9 have been a problem. I have a hemangioma in my T9 that puts pressure on my spinal cord. I think if you were able to have a minimal procedure to address your T8 and 9 may help you greatly. I have heard that T9 issues can cause adrenal issues, neck issues, allergy issues, neurological issues as well as core problems. You might need to see a spine specialist on top of your neurosergeon. I know that my neurosergeon hasn't really been of much help and he is the assistant professor at Dartmouth, so I will say good luck with that part. Personally, with all that you have tried and been through already, a minimal surgery of somesort should or could help you. I've only suffered with this for almost 3 years, but am looking into surgery myself. Good luck and I hope you can find a doctor who won't push meds and will sincerely help you!! ♡