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I beg u plz help me.

Started by 162142730810877... on 09/25/2015 3:54pm

im 21years old male.
few days ago I lifted very heavy something... From that night my end of spine.( the downer part ) started pain.... The next morning I woke up very early on the morning , coz it was hurting a lot... The next think I could remember is that my upper hip ( the last end of the spine ) was red & puffed up a bit coz of the pain.... I'm taking pain killer to get rid of the pain.... BT it ain't working much....& I don't like pain killer ....

I tryed to sleep strate bt I can't, I can feel the last bone of my spine ... And this bone is killing me.... I even can't sleep now...

Plz help me ... Tell me what is the first thing I should do.... I beg u plz... Plz fb me or something .plz .

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