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Spondylolisthesis grade 1 a few questions! (new here) please help

Started by 107477396254644... on 09/17/2015 8:07am

Hi everyone
first off I am starting to feel completely hopeless and alot of anxiety. let me explain my story quick . Last fall out of no where I got lower back pain. Had xrays and a np sent me to therapy for about 2 months. the np said I had a slipped disc! therapy helped I was completely pain free for about 7 months after therapy. I ride an exercise bike 35mins a day about 5 days a week. I continued to do the therapy exercises at home. Well last month I had another flare up like the first time. The pain was so bad I couldn't sleep hardly walk. went to the e.r they didn't even do new xrays the dr there said with this injury therapy was a temporary fix and the np might send me to a back specialist! I was like what injury??? she rushed me outta there like I was some drug addict that wanted narcotics... I went back to a different np. who looked at the old xrays she said I had a little turn of a vertibrae and suggest 3 weeks of therapy. I finished that on the 11th of this month. felt about 95# better that's why I stopped the therapy.. my therapist ray said it was a 1 grade slip and he didn't see any chance of it slipping anymore. said it wasnt a slip disc it was called Spondylolisthesis. that my lower back was a little weak and if we strengthin my core I should be fine. He also said he didn't see it getting any worse. I know I probably stopped therapy to soon I only had like 8 visits. my questions are 1 does everyone who has Spondylolisthesis grade 1 always have to end up having surgery? When is it a good time to see a back specialist? what are other treatments besides epidural and surgery? are they anyone out there that has had a slip of this grade and was able to be ok with therapy and work outs? by ok I mean keeping the pain away with out having to have surgery or needles in they're back? also does corizone shots help? do they hurt anymore then any other shot? thank you for reading. if you can answer any of my questions I thank you...I have really bad anxiety and i'm scared to death over all of this.

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