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l5/S1 spinal fusion

Started by 783420001774588... on 07/12/2015 12:11pm

Hi I had a l5S1 spinal fusion bout a week ago.And would like know a few things.
1 How long does the pain from the fusion last.ive had four scew and a cage put in and a bone graft done.

2 I have a little dent on one side of my operation site that was never there before surgery.

3 How far should i be able to walk by now.

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Hi, I know is been a couple weeks since your post but I'm sure your still not feeling much better from them to now. I had the same done at the same level in March 2015. It honestly took me at least 2 1/2 months to feel ok. I still have my moments and what really bothers me most is the stiffness. But, it will improve. At this point now, I'm sure you had your questions answered, but if I can give you one bit of advice that unfortunately I didn't get its to get up and walk. Whether it's a 15 minute walk around a track per day, do it. This will help prevent the formation if scar tissue at the surgery site that can impinge on your nerves there. That's is where I'm at now. So I was doing great until the scar tissue. So, get up and move around it will only do you good! Best of luck!


Hi there, i had the same fusion back in 2009. I can say that I was in my bed at least for a month or so. After that, I was a huge fab of the zero gravity chairs that are meant for outside. It was the only way that I could sit/lay without pain from the front/back incisions.

I never really used my walked (I was only like 23 or 24) but I was very big on wearing the brace and walking around.

The incisions hurt the worst and took the longest to heal it felt like, but once those healed properly it was just typical back pain that we are used to, then it was gone.

Having my hardware removed next week as I've had recurring pain that started earlier this year. They put in 3 screws and since everything fused properly, no need to keep them.

Keep your head up, you'll make it!!