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Post op pain after cervical discotomy with titanium plate

Started by 1449612219@facebook on 11/25/2014 3:29am

I had C-4 thru C-7 Cervical discotomy w a titanium plate 3 years ago. I have been suffering excruciating daily pain, stiff neck, burning sensation:overall chronic nerve pain and muscle spasms. I was so depressed, trying to stay opiate free due to my inability to function normally on them, I finally turned to a Wellness MD: Who specializes in preventing chronic diseases such as RA , FYBRO, chronic pain and depression.

In a nutshell: hes put me on Abiotics an all herbal supplement that kills all yeast, and bacteria living in your gut that was feeding my arthritis and Rhuematoid; & then Im like ok!!
What about my pain,muscle spasms and inability to sleep normally?
I live in Colorado so I went to several dispensaries, and learned all I could as well.as read online: Bottom line????
I only imbibe either edible or topical or vaporized pure Indica Cannabis; for example a strain known as CHEM DAWG lol actually won several awards and works as well as HUMERA at reducing inflammation and reducing my arthritis but the infica strains all TOTALLY ELIMINATED MY PAIN & SPASMS 100%
I have lost the last few years of my life, esp winter, to this terrible awful no good chronic post operative pain!!! And now after just 6 months on MEDICAL CANNABIS, NOT "smoking pot" which kills 90% ohf al the beneficial cannibinoids goes up in smoke!!
You can take edibles only at bedtime in a proper daily dose.Hence no high. And have this miricle of zero pain or spasms.
Im 53 years young on medical cannabis, several different herbal supplements RX by Wellness Dr, Baclofin 10 mg 3X day, prestiq 50 mg, RX oil pill, and im on Bioidentical hormones RX compound & an injectable polypeptide RX Semoralin.
I workout daily, hike , ride, am totally energized again as well: the chronic fatigue is also gone, which used to bedrid me the entire winter:(
I am honest with all my Drs concerning my Cannabis use, my Psychiatrist approves
Good news is more states like DC are legalizing ; we ALL need the right to obtain medicine of our choice of a natural source that is not an OPIATE or SSRI or some other poison that addicts and kills, if I travel to.a place it isnt legal i simply take my unmarked transdermal patches of MEDICAL CANNABIS and wear one every day discretley. The effects last @ 10 days from last use as well. So no need to travel with any if only gone a few days to.a week. Plus they have oils, topicals, candy!
I can only tell.someone what I do to remedy my issues , not advise anyone else. I am not a Dr but I do have a degree in English therefore I can read detailed medical reports and journals, so I encourage you to read about this subject, learn and then make your own choices.
It IS God or Jahs love , it must be!! To give me this insanely amazing gift of ZERO post op cervical pain !!!!

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Thanks for your posting Maggie van Vranken. Like you, I have had the same 3 acd&f fusions from 2008 to the last in Dec of 2012, 2 years ago. I've had constant neck pain around C7,T1 which remains "7 out of 10" to this day. I have tried all meds known to man including antidepressants/pain/neuralgia meds which I have found most unpleasant with nasty side effects. I am a male, late 60's and, previous to 2008, I had done 6 marathons in 3 years, played squash and gym at least 3 times a week. As a last resort (to date) I tried medical marijuana. But, and I don't know if it is my suspected ADD, but most of this "weed" including edibles, caused my brain to go in too many directions at the same time! I just could not handle it (and it did not help with my pain). I'm wondering why it works for many but not all; and, if my reaction is a common or uncommon one? I'm getting desperate for an answer. (The only thing that does help me is alcohol but that, of course, presents its own set of dependence problems!!!) I am scheduled to have freezing of C7/T1 to see if that helps the pain abate. If so, the neurosurgeon may well fuse that joint too. But, having seen 2 neuros, each has a different opinion, one saying that this could likely worsen the pain since this is surgery through the back where there is much more muscle tissue to cut through than anterior surgery. Any comments regarding this solution and any other help would be greatly appreciated! thank you and good luck!


I am in the same boat, hade c 5 and 6 replaced in 2012 with plate. but here in Maryland medical pot isn't legal yet, they are working on it though. I am taking 15 mil oxycodone 3 times a day and 20 mil oxytocin 2 times a day and soma as needed. my newest problem is that in the mornings mainly, I've noticed that my neck being so stiff that I try and stretch it a bit and I've noticed I get kind of light headed momentarily. I was taking more, but my job forced me out due to status of light duty workers comp placed me on, and in process of applying for accidental disability retirement. I worked for the state of Maryland and was hurt on the job. I went back to work like 4 months after surgery and was on a jack hammer within 1 week, yea my pain management dr asked me if I was crazy, lol. I've talked to dr about medical marijuana and she says it would help, I asked what if it comes up in my urine tests that they do. she informed me that if that's all that's there besides the pain meds, then they just counsel me and wont drop me like most pain managements do. so since I've been using pot I've been able to back off the somas more to where I am at now, maybe 1 every couple days or so. I am getting ready to submit an application for social security disability, since every job I've had my entire life isn't possible with my work duty status. but now this thing with getting light headed when trying to stretch, is bothering me.


Hi Maggie,
I trust your pain is still under control! I have just finished reading up on the ingredients of marijuana. Most of us have heard about THC. I personally have never heard about the other, Cannabidiol (CBD) which seems to be the ingredient that combats pain and anxiety. THC of course is what gives the "high" and sometimes can increase anxiety etc. You might want to read up on it at:http://www.truthonpot.com/2014/09/24/5-differences-between-cbd-vs-thc/ . Maggie, have you (or any of other readers) heard about any cannabis which has much more CBD than THC. That sounds "just what the doctor ordered" for me! Or if you know any product that is loaded with CBD and very light on THC, please share it with me and others. This could well put the damper on the theory that users are feigning some pain just so they can legally get stoned. Thanks for listening and, Maggie, for sharing!