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14 spinal fusions in 21 years... does the pain ever go away?

Started by titanium on 01/14/2014 9:12pm

After breaking my neck in a car accident 10 years after my first neck surgery, which was a total success, I've continued to be operated on as my back has had numerous changes. After a failed C1- C2 fusion, which had to be redone with a halo (which should have been used the first time), things continued to get worse. 5 neck surgeries in all, 4 shoulder arthroscopic surgeries, & they even removed my funny bone in my left arm!, then my lower back & started to take on the weight of the work from my neck. 6 years later I was fused twice in one year L5-S1, which didn't fuse. 12 years later I had emergency surgery for Cauda Equina Syndrome to prevent paralysis from the waist down. I had L1-S1 fused complete with more rods using the Robotic technique. It was successful & I haven't need a cane for the first time in many years. Although I'm always in pain. I'm quite active, I keep my weight down, although if I overdo it, I suffer for days. Now I'm dealing with both arms going numb from the neck down & at times it takes hours for them feel normal. My Neurosurgeon wants me now to have Nerve Conduction Studies in both arms.... I'm so baffled, as I've seen the MRI results & it's obvious that the only vertebrae I have left unfused in my neck (C4-C-5) has moved forward 1/4 of an inch. I'll go through the tests, as I don't want to ever have to go through another surgery, but I don't understand what could be causing the numbness.... So now that I've bored you with all the gorey details, I just don't understand why I'm in still in pain. My pain DR says it's scar tissue & so much trauma to my spine & I get that, although I don't want to live on medications that don't work anymore for the rest of my life. If anyone here has been through anything similar & could throw something out there, I'd really appreciate it. This all started when I was 36 & in the prime of my life. Now I'm 59 & this is really getting old....Thanks for listening.

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I'm sorry your in so much pain all the time sweety i sure don't have an answer for you i wish i did, but i will pray for you to rest well and your pain to go away ;) the only thing i can say is ask for better drugs, and you might have tendonities i have it in both of my arms and both of my hands burn and go numb it wakes me up all through the night but i will not get another surgery anywhere on back again this one i just had knock me to kingdom come let me tell you no way in hell !! but we are all different if you think another surgery will help you or more meds you do what your gut tells you to do .Now we all have some kind of pains cause were getting old shhhh i didnt say that lol but seriously sweety thats all i know what to say, so isaid i will surely pray for you Good luck also on getting your pain under controll


Have you heard about accurascope or the minimally invasive spine procedure? I know of a specialist in Dallas, TX. Dr. Jason Williams (jasonawilliamsmd.com). This might be an option for you. I hope this information will be of help to you somehow. I'm sorry about your pain. Don't lose hope, with the current technology I'm pretty sure you'll be pain-free in time.