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No bone growth after 6 months

Started by tmteach73 on 12/10/2012 11:31pm

I had a C7-T1 diskectomy (cadaver bone fusion w/ a titanium plate) 7 months ago and the doctors are seeing zero bone growth. I also have two levels above that are degenerative, as well as a 7mm herniation of the C4-C5. My immediate concern is the healing of my fusion, then the other disk issues above the surgical site . I am considering starting HGH therapy, has anyone, with my issues (or similar issues) underwent HGH therapy? If so what kind of results have you experienced?

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Hi Tmteach73, On your next Dr appointment you should talk to your orthopedic surgeon about a bone growth stimulator. My surgeon had me use one after my fusion because he said it helps to promote bone growth and also to help it to be stronger and more solid. If you dont mind me asking what is HGH Therapy?


hello I dont no if you smoke that will give you problems. I had a bone growth simulator also. Im 100% fused together. I had surgery a year ago.


I also used a bone growth stimulator after my a.l.i.f. I wore it over the hard shelled brace for the first 6 weeks, then without the brace for a total of 3 months. I went back to work 6 weeks post op. and had great success with pain relief due to the fusion. However, my job was very physically demanding and within 6 years, the lumbar pain is back again, this time with sciatica. Then another injury resulting in a c-spine fusion.
Even if you feel 100% better, your spine will never be the same. You'll learn how to move your body in different ways to help with loss of motion. Good luck to you,